Do you want to watch someone who is bad at games play games?

Are you tired of watching ‘experts’, or ‘anyone with a modicum of skill’ charging their way up the leaderboards via awe-inspiring, gratuitous displays of ability and talent?

Are you yearning to see the same section of a single game repeatedly failed for hours on end/in 30-50 minute chunks, occasionally interspersed by irritating stammering?

Of course you are/do, you psychopath! And h’oh boy, do I have a channel for you.

My Twitch is LIVE. By which I mean, it exists, and you can watch it, for all the aforementioned calamity and much much less, at this link right here:

We’re not even talking a kind of dithering but redeemably entertaining incompetency here either; if you’re expecting a charming inability that is endearing and sometimes funny to watch, carried off with an air of honesty and joviality, prepare for utter disappointment.

This is out and out, wall to wall, front to back, repetitive ineptitude likely to inspire little other than mild frustration and consistent tedium in anyone foolish enough to view!

I will see you there <3