Nintendo Think Your Face Could Be Better

Look! Doesn’t this lady look stupid? Well she is! How would you like to look JUST AS stupid!? Nintendo ensure you certainly can this Christmas.

Oh Good Lord when will it end?

VR Trinkets: The Roto VR and the Accessories of Tomorrow

VR Trinkets: The Roto VR and the Accessories of Tomorrow

ACCESSORIES, we all love those don’t we? Well no. Not if you ever bought a dodgy second Playstation controller. Or one of those ridiculous Wii tennis racket things. I had a go on the Roto VR and speculate about the part accessories will play in VR gear in this latest Monday blether!

Call of Duty: The Whole Rotten Saga

The whole story behind the ever-lasting, back-stabbing, raging caging tussle between Call of Duty’s Activision and Infinity Ward, a run down of EVERYTHING WE KNOW, the politics, the snide remarks, Rob takes you BANG UP TO DATE with the latest goings on. Find out why we’re all so sceptical of the world’s biggest shooter! YUM.

Nvidia: Shield They Really?

We’ve been ambling around the point for almost a WEEK now, but that was chiefly because Guesty’s in the middle of finishing off a special treat for you all. And we promise it won’t be like last time! Anyway, Rob gets DOWN TO BUSINESS on Nvidia’s latest surprise announcement in our first post of 2013!! Pictures inside! Sorry we’re late!! Not really!

Child of Eden: Let’s Not Play VIDEO

The first of our Let’s Not Play videos swans into view, entitled so because, let’s face it, we can’t really play anything. Well not to any sort of standard anyway. Here we’re seen diving around wildly in front of the telly attempting to take on Child of Eden; lewd comments, confusion and a broken coffee table in tow! Hoorah!

Episode Eight: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

In this week’s podcast we discuss Edgar Wright’s latest Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and why YOU should see it. That, and the opening five minutes is a load of self-indulgent waffle! Surely an episode you can’t afford to miss! Hooray!

Brink Review

We finally get to grips with this year’s most promising shooter so far. If you’re bored of testosterone encumbered shrieks of ‘Revive me!’, or mindless repetitive deathmatches, Brink is the one to set those lenses on! OR IS IT!?? Read Rob’s thoughts on Bethesda’s class-based TF2-alike FPS!

Peacewalker: A Menu Too Far

Peacewalker: A Menu Too Far

Monday has returned! With a due sense of foreboding and dread, here I am discussing why I spent so long staring at a menu in Peacewalker, and how it’s not even the first time it’s FLIPPING happened. /delirium.

GAMEfest Kicks Off September, Ruffles Feathers

High Street retailer jumps on the Expo bandwagon this September, directly affecting legspace and ride comfort, and causes one or two complaints to the management. Rob takes a look at how GAME may have gotten in with the chickens on this one.

It’s All The RAGE

Tim Willits talks to us about his latest shooter and why you should believe in id Software once again! Check out what’s coming up in next year’s brand new IP RAGE.

Gran Turismo 5! Definitely Coming Out! Oh wait…

Surprise surprise, Polyphonic Digital, developers of the Gran Turismo series, have lied to you again. Delayed till an unforseen date, we won’t blame you if you decide to believe it actually doesn’t exist. And for you, Rob takes a stab at their face. Sort of.

Stunning 11 Minute Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Gameplay Demo!

They’ve only gone and released a full ELEVEN minute demo video for MGS: Ground Zeroes, featuring actual gameplay, you know! Watch the whole thing inside and try not to dribble yourself to death. Guesty did, but we’re not sure that was actually anything to do with the video. ENJOY!

Mark Guest’s Impressive Detective Repertoire

Whilst it is utterly remarkable, I wish Guesty would cease doing his Sherlock Holmes detective impression in the house. The constant interrogation is making the snake nervous.

3DS Launch Fast Approaches, Kick Starts 2011

The 3DS is upon us. Terror! As details announced at Nintendo’s own event come crashing down around us, and retailers everywhere start begging for your money three months early, we take a quick look at WHAT WE KNOW SO FAR.

Guesty Attends The RAGE Session

Guesty’s magical pen gives us an insight into what he learnt over the weekend

EA Lose What’s Left Of Their Tiny Little Minds

Guesty’s ability to use an iPhone once again comes in VAGUELY USEFUL. Clickety click and find out why EA are being uncharacteristically generous, what YOU can get for a bargain, and of course, what Guesty’s haphazardly scribbled thoughts of it all are.

The Digital ‘Revolution’

Special Guest Contributor Leemondelicious carves a delicate hole in the future of digital distribution, before running straight through it and scattering the bits everywhere. Are we really benefiting at all from downloading our games? Or are we walking a short road to just mailing all our wallets to the publishers to cut out the hassle. WHO KNOWS. Lee’s got a pretty good idea.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – Review

Rob finally gets off his face and reviews Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. We were amazed he finished it at all. So is Brotherhood a quantic leap across the renaissance Italy skyline for the franchise, or is it a trip and fall from the rooftops, narrowly missing a stack of hay and breaking its legs on a market stall. All that and less inside!

2010: The Year in Review

Here it is! In true Respawn style – several days too late – Rob takes a discerning look back at 2010, the highs, the lows, the waggle waving, third dimension toting, zombie-killing, cowboy poppin’, lawsuit flyin’, exciting, disappointing, mesmerizingly questionable year in gaming. Give it a click!!

Stormzy, Fridges and Demos | Recap… in 5!

Stormzy, Fridges and Demos | Recap… in 5!

It’s Recap time AGAIN. The weeks really do fly by don’t they. Fortunately I’ve got more from ME to tell you about – and also a bit of first hand Stadia experience, among OTHER THINGS. Have your sen a see.

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