Episode Eight: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

In this week’s podcast we discuss Edgar Wright’s latest Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and why YOU should see it. That, and the opening five minutes is a load of self-indulgent waffle! Surely an episode you can’t afford to miss! Hooray!

Bioshock 2: a thought, a comment, a comic…

Guesty scribbles a comic about Bioshock 2, and then writes, uninvited, about the game

Medal of Honour Causes Controversy Amongst Imbecilic MPs

Rob scathingly reviews an account of events following EA’s latest Medal of Honour and the controversy surrounding its particulars. Excuse the overbearing aggressive political commentary, we keep telling him not to do it, but he just shouts and throws chairs.

Gaikai To Destroy The Console Market?

I recently watched a story on the news t’other day, about a company who are trying to allow everyone to play big title games, without forcing them to gain a bank loan in order to pay for them. I, like many gamers, hate how much we have to pay for video games, so i took […]

Alan Wake: The Signal – Mini Review

A quick look at the new, mostly FREE, Alan Wake DLC. Worth getting lost in Max Payne developers first add-on?? Find out, and be subject to Rob’s dreadful writing style. All that and more (probably) inside!

Episode 7: Super Sweet Sony Spectacular

Playstation Beta Rooms Bumper Special, we get to play LITTLE BIG PLANET 2, KILLZONE 3, MOTORSTORM APOCALYPSE, GRAN TURISMO 5, some PLAYSTATION MOVE titles and then we get to try a load of them in 3D, whilst bothering all the reps with our opinions! Jealous? No need! You can be bothered by our opinions too, with this weeks Podcast.

Episode 6

So this week we decided that the unbearable heat was just too much, and we’d play the Sun at it’s OWN GAME by hanging out in my garden. We showed you SUNSHINE. And when the hour was upon us to record this week’s podcast, we thought: MOVE? I THINK NOT! So we […]

Episode 2

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’sound’]http://podcastmachine.com/podcasts/5045/episodes/23794/media_files/56730/download/3/file_128kb.mp3[/pro-player] Last chance to hear the older episodes. Head over to Podcast machine.com to hear the first three, or hit up http://respawnin5.podbean.com for the 3rd to the…

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