VIDEO | The Philosophy of Horizon: Zero Dawn (SPOILERS)

VIDEO | The Philosophy of Horizon: Zero Dawn (SPOILERS)

Been hard at work on this one for a little while – have a look at the first video I’ve done in AGES (aside from Twitch) and join me in thinking about the philosophical ideas posed by the superb Horizon: Zero Dawn.

VIDEO | Nekro Let’s Play

VIDEO | Nekro Let’s Play

We’re BACK video lovers, back with more tepid ambiguity to really try and mess up your day. Yes, following our Nekro Preview, here’s a Nekro Let’s Play, in which I fail to do anything substantial in the game! Hoorah.

VIDEO | Nether Let’s Play

VIDEO | Nether Let’s Play

Would you believe it? Nether! This week’s Let’s Play sees Rob trying and failing to get used to the pace of a survival game, as he trudges from corner to corner boisterously fog-horning about not knowing what’s going on and where is he and what time is it. Dive in and watch it then!

Call of the Times: Advanced Warfare Shown up by New Gen GTA V

Call of the Times: Advanced Warfare Shown up by New Gen GTA V

Watch and listen or read Rob’s inane ramblings about Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and how the series has in every way been shown by Rockstar’s recent GTA V first person mode announcement.

VIDEO | Evolve Alpha

VIDEO | Evolve Alpha

We go HANDS ON with Turtle Rock’s co-op monster kill ’em up Evolve in this playtest of the recent alpha! What Rob be utterly feeble at video games whilst also proving he a brain made of soggy cardboard! Hooray!

VIDEO | Daylight Let’s Play

VIDEO | Daylight Let’s Play

Respawn returns for its SECOND ever video, this time a Let’s Play for the asylum crawling, ghost sprawling, raring, scaring, spine-chill ’em up Daylight! Carry on inside to watch Rob be unnervingly jittery when faced with lukewarm digital horrors! Hooray!

VIDEO | Bioshock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds Test Run

VIDEO | Bioshock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds Test Run

It’s VIDEO time folks. Dive right in to watch Rob be exceedingly bad at video games. Like Mr. Kipling. Only opposite. And there’re less cakes. So it’s bad news all round really. Inside, Rob has a fleeting bash at Bioshock Infinite’s arena mode DLC Clash in the Clouds! COR.

Sony Innovate with a Console Even Developers Can Use

It’s VIDEO time boys and girls, here’s our latest snippet of news in which Rob spiels off abhorrently with no regard for anyone, least of all the cat he glued jelly to. Poor thing. Have yourself a watch of this latest one and expect more soon! Probably.

Behind the Scenes on Recap in…. 5

You didn’t think we’d have the sheer audacity to do something like this, did you? Nope. Well WE DID. Inside is a few clips from our first ever Behind the Scenes video, wherein you can see how terrible we are at life! Watch as a desperately claw together the audio for our latest video, interspersed with detestably bad celebrity impressions!

Recap in…5: The 2012 Episode

Roll up, roll up, it’s finally arrived. Your wait is over, leave your coats at the door, because now is the time for this YEAR’s episode of Recap in… 5! Rob and Guesty take a wonder down 2012 Lane and discover all the things they didn’t like about it, all over again! It’s a special one, so stop reading this, get inside and give it a bloody good eyeballing!

Child of Eden: Let’s Not Play VIDEO

The first of our Let’s Not Play videos swans into view, entitled so because, let’s face it, we can’t really play anything. Well not to any sort of standard anyway. Here we’re seen diving around wildly in front of the telly attempting to take on Child of Eden; lewd comments, confusion and a broken coffee table in tow! Hoorah!

Hitman Absolution: Sniper Challenge Preview Video

It’s video time AGAIN, as we show off Rob’s appalling sniper skills and his breathtaking ability to somehow miss an integral mechanic of the game and make the first few minutes of the video utterly redundant! We take a look at the downloadable preorder bonus for Hitman Absolution, which comes in the salacious form of a Sniper Challenge mission. Old baldy’s back. Are YOU getting it?

Max Payne 3 Special Edition Unboxing

We tear open the special edition of the latest Max Payne, and splurge its guts all over Rob’s living room floor! Full video unboxing complete with an unfit-for-camera voice over and a little scrawling in the glorious name of video game STATUES.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Multiplayer Beta Preview and Video!

How quickly can Rob ruin your next prospective purchase with nought more than unending incessant rambling that will undoubtedly shuffle you mildly to the brink of sanity, and then cheekily poke you over the edge? The answer is eleven minutes, as we find out this week in our Future Soldier beta test video!

Unboxing the Vita

That’s right, exclusive PLAYSTATION VITA UNBOXING videos are right on inside, with the backing of Rob’s sensual, stirring voice to stammer and splutter and mispronounce and leave long, questionable pauses all the way through! Get in there and find out what comes in Sony’s latest portable pandemonium purveyor!

Recap in…5: Episode Two

Remember that thing we did once called The Week in Games? YEP, IT’S NOT CALLED THAT ANYMORE. RECAP in…5 is here! Clever eh! Not at all really no, but we’re running with it so get used to it. Jump on in and have a gander at our latest garblings in excellent retina-curdling video form, and expect this to happen SLIGHTLY MORE FREQUENTLY from now on.

n.b: It’s the news, only brief, yet somehow not to the point and louder! Everyone’s a winner.

The Video Game Awards 2011

Respawn in…5 at the VGAs! And by ‘at the’ we mean, ‘make Rob stay up till 3am streaming it over the interwebs!’ And I’m even aware that makes no sense whatsoever. EXCELLENT HEY! Trawl through this intensive coverage of this rollercoaster event, featuring some Oh-mazing announcements, Charlie Sheen, Hideo Kojima and MORE. Now with HIGHLIGHT TRAILERS! Hoorah.

Respawn in…5 @ Eurogamer: The Video Collection

Okay, two. Two videos. And whether or not you think that necessitates the term ‘collection’ means nothing to me. Missed Eurogamer this year? Never fear. We ruined the entire expo for everyone there, and now we’re going to ruin it for you too! Give it a click and behold a spectacle the likes of which you may never have seen. Perhaps.

OnLive: Video Unboxing & Playtest!

WATCH and read our playtest of newly launched cloud gaming system OnLive. Stand in awe as Rob tears the box to pieces, then tears the system itself to pieces, and finally tears his own mind to pieces. Is OnLive the future of gaming? Is it the past of gaming? Should Rob stop making videos and just leave us all alone!?! FIND OUT INSIDE!!

[VIDEO]: The Week in Games!

Look! A shiny video! We were going to have it here on the front page for you, but then we thought, accessibility!? PAH! You work for your video! Please. It’s our first attempt at this, so we’ll keep going with it and shape it into something CATASTROPHIC. Especially if one day it includes our faces. For now though, give this a click and watch this week’s gaming news in MOTION! SORT OF!

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