Tomb Raider: Potentially Less Irritating Than You Previously Considered

Tomb Raider gets the boot again! The reboot that is, as we go HANDS ON with the latest build of Crystal Dynamic’s own take on the sexy, sultry, gun-toting, animal hunting, element surviving victim of attempted assault! Is this new iteration Lara’s best bet yet? Is it her worst bet? Does Rob ever get off the point of spieling incoherently about the originals!? Who knows? You do! If you read on.

Hitman Absolution: Why Figurines Make Games Great (Not Really) (Okay Sort Of)

Next up in our EGXP marathon is Hitman Absolution; was it worth the big queue? Did I get caught trying to put on another man’s trousers? Was that an in-game reference or am I secretly revealing why I got escorted from the building on Sunday!? Find out inside!! Give it a click.

Dust 514: Hands On

Here we go then, EGXP coverage starts here and now, as we kick off this little flurry of fun with CCP’s free-to-play EVE spin-off Dust 514! Get inside and find out why Dust has a smattering of interesting additions that would be excited about, had we not spent most of our interview loudly asking directions to the hot dog stand.

Respawn in… 5 @ Eurogamer Expo 2012 – Coming Up

It’s the prelude to the post… urm, lude. It’s the warm up to the form up, it’s the one and only Eurogamer Expo 2012 coverage introduction article! Hooray! Inside you’ll find a delirious rambling that identifies exactly what you’ll find on Respawn in 5 over the next week or so, and how much unhinged FUN we had at this year’s gaming shebang! Get inside!

The Eurogamer Expo 2012 Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Throws of Leaving the House

Eurogamer Expo 2012 is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a voraciously excitable guide! Inside you’ll find everything you need to make the most of the expo, and we even refer to Guesty in a disparaging manner once or twice! If you’re going, you need this! If you’re not… well read it anyway, why not.

Why Dishonored Could be the Biggest New Name of 2012

Dishonored is almost here! Hooray! And to celebrate, here’s our run down of everything we know about the rat-entering Victorian-esque-capade! And with a pocketful of screenshots to bag as well, you’d be mad not to give this one a quick butchers. Mad we say! Now, get inside!

REVIEW: Resident Evil 4 HD

Resi 6 is shuffling toward our front door with each passing day, and here at Respawn, we don’t bat an eyelid when someone insists we’re LATE TO THE PARTY. So here’s an answer to that prolific, cerebrally stimulating question ‘Should I Buy Resident Evil 4: HD Before Six Comes Out?’ Here’s why Resident scribbler Tom Mcshane reckon’s you won’t go far wrong in doing so!

REVIEW: Theatrhythm

Reviewing with the audacity of man wildly pointing out the weather, Tom slams down his copy of Theatrhythm and scribbles us a rip-roaring review on the latest portable Final Fantasy outing, this one coming complete with tap shoes and jazz hands! Is this everything it sounds? Thankfully no. Get inside and find out what we thought why not!

Podcast: Episode 17 – Crucify This

Podcast episode 17 is upon us! Behold! September’s ramblings are sponsored by our inability to do ANYTHING in August, so there’s plenty to chew over in here, the new Metal Gear, Guesty’s Transformers review, Guesty’s questionable obsession with Mickey Mouse, Guesty’s immediate family and their impressive collection of restraining orders and ALL SORTS ELSE. Have yourself a merry little listen why not!

NASCAR The Game: Inside Line – New Screens and Achievements List Revealed

NASCAR! Loads of it!! Featured inside today’s episode of Overseas Racing Games is four delicious new exclusive screenshots hot off the desk of Eutechnyx, as well as a list of the achievements! If you’re in anyway interested in the big circley driving sport then get inside and have butchers at what you’ll be playing come November. AND SCENE.

REVIEW: Transformers: The Fall of Cybertron

Guesty finally has his way with the latest Transformers game as our review of Fall of Cybertron transforms in front of your very eyes & ONTO YOUR BRAIN. Is this new one everything he dreamed and more? Is it less than he dreamed but still satisfying in every imaginable way! Find out inside. Click!

Stunning 11 Minute Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Gameplay Demo!

They’ve only gone and released a full ELEVEN minute demo video for MGS: Ground Zeroes, featuring actual gameplay, you know! Watch the whole thing inside and try not to dribble yourself to death. Guesty did, but we’re not sure that was actually anything to do with the video. ENJOY!

Two Metal Gear Games, One Metal Gear Movie, One Snake and One Big Boss

E3 couldn’t muster a set of announcements that were this sofa-clenchingly exciting, so click the jump and find out what ol’ Hideo’s got in store for us and for Snake soon in the return of the Metal Gear series! There’s also some inane babble and sack full of illegitimate speculation chucked in for free! WOP!


GTA V screenshots over here! This fresh lot of pictures courtesy of good ol’ Rockstar themselves reveal a couple of tantalizing, lesser-known details and get us all riled up for the next instalment of the classic hit-and-run-em-up! Are you excited?

Child of Eden: Let’s Not Play VIDEO

The first of our Let’s Not Play videos swans into view, entitled so because, let’s face it, we can’t really play anything. Well not to any sort of standard anyway. Here we’re seen diving around wildly in front of the telly attempting to take on Child of Eden; lewd comments, confusion and a broken coffee table in tow! Hoorah!

The Dark Knight Rises: Movie Review

So we don’t usually concern ourselves with the trifling matter of the cinema, but regrettably, nowhere else will let Rob unendingly spiel without promise of police involvement. Here then is what we thought of The Dark Knight Rises, and yes, it does indeed contain some mild SPOILERS. So watch your fingers!

Super Sunday Sweep! – Win NASCAR 2011!

Here we go then, the first ever Respawn competition! We’re moving up in the world and so could you be, with one of these salacious codes for the newly released EU version of NASCAR 2011. If you’re as awful as us, you’ll spend most of the time scraping bits of your right side door off the barriers, but luckily, being as awful as we are is UNLIKELY. Get involved YOU ALL.

OUYA Talkin’ To!?

If you haven’t heard of OUYA, and for that matter aren’t sure how to pronounce it, then don’t panic, because Rob has you covered in this slightly questionable run down of the latest phenomenon from the firmly clenched jaws of Kickstarter, complete with videos, pictures, and incoherent babbling. Get inside then!

Podcast: Episode 16 – Fifty Shades of Conversation

We’re on time! Hooray! This is the beginning of a whole new era of punctual podcasts, you know. Gone are the days where you’d be waiting months and months just to hear the salacious noises emitting from our overused word factories, it’s time to usher in a new age of predictability! So jump on in for July’s hour-long ramble!

The Future is Free

Free to play you say? FREE? To play? No thank you. Because that statement is a tissue of lies, isn’t it. Rob gives us all a fleeting update on the free to play front, and asks, if this IS the future, is it a future any of us gamers want? And will it lead to us all just playing thinly veiled trial-length demos and crying into our cornflakes? It probably will.

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