Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Review

Guesty is left face to face with the horde in Red Dead Redemption’s October Offspring. He gets round to letting you know JUST what it’s like, and helpfully reminds you of Rule #2: Double Tap.

ilomilo Review

Rob scribbles up his thoughts on Southend Interactive’s adorable Xbox Live puzzle ’em up. 800 points worth of puzzling deliciousness? Or an expensive dizzying headache that belongs in the digital bargain bucket? WHO KNOWS? Rob does, actually.

Gran Turismo 5 Review

Rob gets his teeth stuck into Gran Turismo 5, a million billion years in development, successor to the most popular racing series since Jeremy Clarkson: The Game, an undoubted spectacular performance! Is it everything we hoped for and more? Is it better than that new car smell? READ THIS AND KNOW EVERYTHING. Sort of.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – Review

Rob finally gets off his face and reviews Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. We were amazed he finished it at all. So is Brotherhood a quantic leap across the renaissance Italy skyline for the franchise, or is it a trip and fall from the rooftops, narrowly missing a stack of hay and breaking its legs on a market stall. All that and less inside!

Fable III Review

Finally we hammer our way through Lionhead’s latest and let you know EXACTLY what we think. Was Guesty pleased to be King? Or let down royally? Who knew I’d get to use that pun TWICE.

FReview: Fallout New Vegas

After 12+ hours of gameplay, Rob sizes up first impressions of utter corker Fallout 3 follow up. Is New Vegas a buggy piece of under-developed waste, or wasteland-simulating perfection? Our First Review will have its ends tied shortly. Rob is too rubbish to finish games on time.

App Attack: Fable III Kingmaker

Guesty stops doodle jumping and cutting ropes and making lightsabre swooshy noises long enough to review Lionhead’s Fable III-twinned app ‘Kingmaker’. An application of royal occasion, or of rebellious resentment? Either way, that is a dreadful metaphor.

Review: Halo Reach

Rob finally gets off his face and reviews Halo: Reach, missing a large chunk of useful information and giving a false sense of persona by LIKING it. Some people call him useless, but we prefer Proactively Disputive.

Respawn Score – 95%

Alan Wake: The Signal – Mini Review

A quick look at the new, mostly FREE, Alan Wake DLC. Worth getting lost in Max Payne developers first add-on?? Find out, and be subject to Rob’s dreadful writing style. All that and more (probably) inside!