[COMIC] Jack Tretton: When Nervous Men in Suits Become Rockstars

Guesty’s getting his scribble on, whilst Rob spiels ardently about his love for E3’s stupid jokes inside! Find out what we think old Jack Tretton SHOULD have done. Though it’s basically what he actually did. He just did so with corporate professionalism. TO THE BAR!

[COMIC] Mark Guest The Detective: Part Two

Another comic looms ardently into view and with a due sense of of exhaustion and dread we IMPLORE you to check out Mr Guest’s latest scribbling! Forgetting things really is his domain. Give it a click then!

3DS XL: Larger Machines > Games

This week’s comic is orbiting bitterly around Nintendo’s 3DSXL announcement, as Guesty envisions a future where we all simply play larger versions of the same consoles. It’s horrific. Can you imagine a bigger original sized PS3. You could kill a man with it. Anyway, click to read nothing useful about Ninty’s newest. It’s BIGGER THAN YOUR HEAD.

Angry Birds Space: The Movie. The Comic.

Avid Angry Birds fanatic Mark Guest has been wildly tapping his iPhone screen of late, and as such, has decided to pitch yet another Angry Birds: The Movie idea. This time he’s branching out with his take on the wacky SPACE spin off. Which by the way, is excellent. Play it. Play it now. Go on, we can wait…

Trials Evolution: Your GP Will See You Now

Guesty’s been hammering away at Trials Evolution this week, and as luck would have it, so has Rob! In a rare, dual-wielding extravaganza, see the comic and read the garb ALL IN ONE! Is Evolution the incomparable galavant the first one was? Or is it merely an exercise ruining that poor rider’s day? OR IS IT BOTH!!?

The waiting game…

So, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance has been released in Japan, and is set to release in Europe during summer BEFORE the USA. But Guesty takes a brief moment to reflect on how many in between, not really sequel games there have been now. It’s probably worth mentioning Guesty did this whilst sleep deprived and messed up one of the layers and kind of gave up on the whole strip and phoned it in. Story of his life.

Careful now! You don’t want to hurt yourself!

So during his almost seemingly fruitless search for some decent games for his 3DS, Guesty soon remembered that Nintendo had just released Kid Icarus: Uprising. He did however find the game comes with a stand as the game play itself relies a lot on the stylus, the stand is supposed to assist the gamer and make it easier for them to control Ike. Guesty found this idea so preposterous he had to jam it into a crappy little JPEG that took a lot longer than it really should have. Take a look. It’s really awful.

We know, we know…

So! The last week or so has been quiet. Too quiet. Like that bit in that movie. And whilst we all sit reverberating slightly from the ROLLERCOASTER ride that GAME have ridden the last few weeks, the upshot of it all is, we’ve been busy playing Mass Effect 3. Amongst other things. And haven’t really noticed. Guesty fancied illustrating those things by way of THE PEN. The digital pen. Click for an accurate, true-to-life depiction of what we’ve definitely been up to!

Comic : The Beginning of the End

To coincide with Rob’s recent article, he has enlisted Guesty to create an image to best represent the current situation in regards to video game specialist retail stores. There’s a bottom in it.

Timesplitters 4: Oh The Memories

Timesplitters four has been announced! Hoorah. Mark Guest remembers his fondest days alone in his room with his tiny little monkey warrior.

Mark Guest Vs Release Dates Part II

Guesty paid dearly for his non-chalance toward this year’s Holiday season line up. Wildly clicking the Q4 2011 release schedule with no regard for his own well being. He’s a madman. After having his face blown off, he turned to me, white as an Apple Store and said ‘Rob, I…I don’t think I can afford this’. Anybody else wondering how they’re going to afford to eat in November?? Get the beans in. COR.

Guesty’s Post-E3 Blues

After E3’s handful collection of monumental disappointments, Guesty manages to find something to upsetting about even the AWESOME BITS. Clickety CLICK.

Mark Guest’s Impressive Detective Repertoire

Whilst it is utterly remarkable, I wish Guesty would cease doing his Sherlock Holmes detective impression in the house. The constant interrogation is making the snake nervous.

The Dangers of Portals – UPDATED

Guesty begins to explore the reasons he should never be allowed into Valve’s Aperture Science Laboratories. Next week, Guesty begins to explore the reasons he should never be allowed back in my house.

Alleged Reality

To celebrate the launch of the 3DS, Guesty’s gone and done; not another comic, not even two other comics. Oh no, he’s done THREE. And they all pay homage to that utterly remarkable new 3DS feature Augmented Reality. CORKING.


Guesty timelines a steady degredation of his own level-headedness in shooters over the last few years. It’s a lie though, he never said anything like that online in Call of Duty 4.

Angry Birds Movie Plot Leak – UPDATED!

Guesty’s comic returns! In speculative movie form! What could the Angry Birds the Movie entail? Cop-on-the-edge Crime Thriller? Probably not, no.

Brother in the Hood – Assassin’s Creed 2.5?

Musing over Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Guesty incidentally points out he likes to leave knives in Rob’s neck

Guesty Attends The RAGE Session

Guesty’s magical pen gives us an insight into what he learnt over the weekend

An Audience With Bobby Kotick

Rob enquires about Activision’s new pricing schemes

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