Porcelain Pill Release Bespoke Single for ‘Close To The Sun’

http://www.respawnin5.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/closetothesun.jpghttp://www.respawnin5.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/closetothesun.jpgPorcelain Pill Release Bespoke Single for ‘Close To The Sun’

I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things around here lately you know. Been making lots of effort. Yelling at myself for not writing. Banging my head off the nearest surface for not updating the site. Walking into traffic for not replying to the handful of Respawn emails I get. Almost anything you can think of, other than just getting on with it.

Poor old me

It’s a tough old time doling out punishment to yourself. Time consuming. One other such thing I could do to punish myself would be to play Storm in a Teacup’s killer new First Person explorative horror Close to the Sun. Not because it’s bad. But because it’s a bit unnerving, and that’s the only real punishment my constitution can cope with these days.

Honestly I’m very frail

Anyway, occasionally something lands in my inbox that I feel I’ve to put erm, finger to key about, and this afternoon is that very occasion. I got to have a quick blast on Close To The Sun at Rezzed the other week, which I chiefly dove head first into because at first glance it looks like Bioshock. But it’s like Bioshock meets Layers of Fear, which frankly nobody asked for. What I tried was class though, and this little titbit of news is another bell tolling in the forthcoming game’s terrifying favour.

Australian folktronica (you’d think I’d know about this sort of thing, but nope, never heard of it. Apparently it IS a thing though, I can confirm) act Porcelain Pill have penned a number especially for the release of Close to the Sun and you can listen to it right now below:

Put the single in your ears here:

Speaking to their press officer, presumably, Porcelain Pill commented

“When the opportunity arose to work with Storm in a Teacup and create a single to accompany Close to the Sun, I was really excited. The imagery, story and reference to mythology resonated with everything I am as a songwriter. The game has become the catalyst for the best music I have created to date.”

I absolutely love this sort of thing. There is SO much opportunity out there for musicians to get closer to (the sun) gaming releases and make something truly special. Lots of studios have their own in-house composers, which is great, but I love the idea of a band or musician getting properly involved in a project like this.

Always working…

Despite being a bigger industry than both the film and music industries put together, gaming is still striving to reach their dizzying heights in terms of credibility and universal acceptance. It harks back to that fun old to-and-fro on whether games can be art (of course they can).

^ That’s Roger Ebert btw. He said games could never be art : (

For me, buddying up closer with music (in all sorts of creative ways) is one of the most impactful routes the industry could take to help spread its arms out and begin to enrapture those that thought they’d never play a game in their lives.

Did you like the Porcelain Pill track? Do you think gaming and music should be closer together? Drop me a comment below and let me know, or head over to Facebook, or Instagram and join us there! More on Respawn soon you lot.

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