Slightly Mad Announce Slightly Mad Sounding Hardware Release Mad Announce Slightly Mad Sounding Hardware Release

It’s 2019! Terror! Horror! In the distance, sirens! How did this happen!? Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. I was putting several bits together over the end of last year but none of them made it past the finish line because I was chucking myself bodily through the window of life, in a frankly unseemly manner. In spite of all things changing, I am now fortunately even closer to our beloved hobby on a day by day basis so at least we can all rejoice in that titillating fact right? Guys? No, ok too vague.

So anyway, I guess I’m kicking this brand new year off with a news piece because ‘ok car game’ Project CARS developer have kicked it off with a WACKY announcement.

It’s A Mad Box – Or So They Say

‘The Mad Box’ is the calling card of this lone developer taking a deep breath and plunging its face into the nightmarish apple-bobbing barrel of hardware production. ‘Oh my sweet summer child’, coo SEGA from a nearby corridor. Though in fairness it’s been literally yonks since the Dreamcast was roundly spanked out of existence (wrongly, yes, but it’s a truth we can’t refute, kids) so what do SEGA know really? They know nothing, Jon Snow.

In a series of Tweets that were delivered with the air of a man wildly threatening to cut his own hair in the street, Slightly Mad CEO Ian Bell announced the project…

It’s coming, and allegedly delivers everything you’ve ever dreamed of. 4K? VR? 60 frames? Piers Morgan publicly beaten with an astonishingly diverse array of vegetarian cuisine? It does it ALL. Ok not the last bit, but hey maybe one day.

So There

In an interview with Variety, Bell went on to make a shed load of promising-sounding, well, promises. He said the project has multiple investors already stuffing fistfuls of cash down his throat, that it would steer developers away from console exclusivity, that Slightly Mad will provide a complete free development environment, and that it’ll be out in about three years’ time. He also said it wouldn’t even be that expensive so there.

All of which, is a hell of a banner to roll out on your first day on Twitter. Don’t forget, Ian, that over-promising is a sin in video game land, punishable by hordes of entitled brats mailing you abuse – just ask poor old Sean Murray.

Bell went on to reveal a concept image of the tower, and the fact that it will have a quaint carry-handle secreted between the Ms. What a tease.

If the box looks like a novelty top hat to you, well, congratulations, because me too.

Playing Around

“We’re not playing around here. This is beyond next gen. For too long have subtle iterations been accepted. Time to raise the bar, substantially.”

I, like the rest of the industry most likely, am refraining from halting basic respiratory function. It’s not that I’m not excited about the project, or the developer, or even the idea of having a third (fourth?) contender in the hardware space vying for our living-room attention. It’s just, well, it’s all a bit sudden isn’t it.

A Horse

One day silence, the next FLASHING LIGHTS AND FIREWORKS AND A HORSE FOR SOME REASON. It just seems like Kickstarter style fodder that will never claw its way out of the amazing imaginations of the people behind the project and into our homes. But hey I’m 30 now which makes me old and cynical and deaf. More on Respawn as I get it then you lot.

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