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Lateness is subjective. If I intended all my EGX articles to be written around two weeks after the whole thing happened, then I’m not technically late, am I? Hah. Argue your way out of that one, Hypothetical Reader. No? Nothing? Good. Because in reality I didn’t intend these posts to be two weeks late. I was writing them in fact, in my head, as I was traversing the show floor, excitedly stringing together a myriad of funny and clever and insightful things to say, so that my many readers can say ooh and ahh and then leave a comment bursting with misty-eyed, dream-like awe and compliments on my nice hair.

Veered a little from reality again there. You’ll be pleased to hear all that impromptu wit and insight has dissipated into a thick, vat-like fog, as Life has taken me by the tie and started whipping me about the room in a manner befitting the Hulk’s tango with Loki. I am a puny god.


But enough about me. Let’s talk about me.

I made it down for not one, not two, oh wait yes two. TWO days of Eurogaming at Eurogamer Expo this year, swanning about cooing at the queues and trying to fit the playing of games and dev talks and sessions and not dying into my day.

With the mental instability of Boris Johnson’s PR stunt writer, and the laughable incompetency of Theresa May’s Serious Suggestions writer I managed, well, not much. EGX’s new app helped for the ten minute period that it actually worked, but the show is just so big these days. So sprawling, so rich and diverse, so full of queues.

Even the Horrible Goose Game (which isn’t its actual name, but it’s quite close) dished out a thigh-churning 45 minute wait at the end of the first day, leaving us with a blast of just six minutes’ worth of being out and out prick poultry. It was glorious though.

Indie Fest

As such, I spent a great deal of my time this year in the Rezzed and Leftfield sections. I might have said an identical thing last year but I’m not checking. Regrettably I didn’t get chance to take in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, or The Division 2; both stalwart presences on the show floor for Ubisoft. Nor did I get a chance to play Sony’s reimagining (re-texturing) of PS1 classic Spyro. I didn’t even get a chance to play Starlink, which is that spaceship game where you have to have an actual spaceship attached to your controller. It looked how it sounds, to be honest. Awkward as hell.

But I did play a whole range of really amazing indie titles. The Leftfield (like, indie indie) section this year was so strong. So full of creativity and wacky ideas and introspective, thoughtful pieces of work. One game in particular, that involved tearing up a book (don’t worry it was Katie Price’s autobiography) and feeding pages of it to a shredder, while progressing a surprisingly emotional story about loss and self discovery absolutely blew me away.

A Proper Celebration

What The Golf made me laugh, Tanglewood brought me thundering back to the 90s, The Collage Atlas made me rethink what I know about art and game development, Sunless Skies nearly swallowed an hour of my time, Small Talk dove inside my head and made a game out of it. And that was all still the very tip of the iceberg.

I love the atmosphere that is Eurogamer. It feels like a proper celebration of the industry and its culture (the good culture) – from the games, to the extravagant PC case stands, to the tabletop section; I like going there with no steadfast intention to get stuck in and get through everything. I like meandering through its cardboard hallways and temporary partitions, taking it all in, and seeing what finds me through it all.

Did you make it down to EGX this year? What did you play? Let me know what you thought of the show in the comments or over on the Respawn Facebook!

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