Eurogamer Expo 2018 Warm Up Indie Picks Expo 2018 Warm Up Indie Picks

Folks, the Eurogamer Expo 2018 is looming. Stalking through the shadows, whispering in our ear and breathing thick anticipation down our necks. Get off willya. The sprawling, leg-devouring, four-day-long behemoth of UK games events is finally upon us once more, and we are, of course, battening down the hatches and getting ready to wish someone would saw off our battered feet before we’re even half way through the Friday, by which I obviously mean, I’m going.

And such is the magnitude of the occasion, that even my squalid, peasant-like inbox has become well and truly tenderised by the relentless barrage of EGX-based announcements, reveals, showcases and bulletins. Amongst this incessant waterfall of delicious information, I keep finding these superb looking indie offerings, and well, I thought I’d pass them on.

See, I’m not a bad guy really.

Here then are my top four (or five, or something, maybe I’ll update…) picks of forthcoming indie games that YOU CAN PLAY at EGX, from the 20th of September to the 23rd of September.


What is it: Catastronauts, Co-Op Party in Space

Why might it be worth a go?: In spite of a very evident and disappointing lack of cats, this game looks to be a cross between FTL and Overcooked. Which, as far as stylistic crossovers go, is an A+, Inspired from me.


What is it: Those Who Remain, First Person Scarefest

Why might it be worth a go?: A. Great name. B. I started watching the trailer being like ha this looks great, all surreal, all dark and moody, 10/10. I finished watching the trailer going nope nope nope nope. It’s got a lick of Layers of Fear to it, and it I liked (cried at) that.


What is it: Hyperbrawl Tournament, Sports-Punching Speedball 2 ‘em up

Why might it be worth a go?: Sports in the future! I used to love a Playstation 1 game called Dead Ball Zone when I was a wee bairn and have always felt predisposed to fancy future sports. I can’t put my finger on why. Oh, and not Blitzball, fuck that game. This looks a fun reimagining of Speedball/DBZ, with party mode firmly engaged and boiled down to just a few IRL players.


What is it: Cardlife, open-world Create ‘Em Up

Why might it be worth a go?: Cardlife is a cardboard world that encourages you not only to explore, craft and collect, but to DRAW. There’s a Drawn To Life overtone to the proceedings that seemingly allows you to scribble any old tosh over the top of the dev’s painstakingly created graphics so you can play it your way or something. I feel like that oh-so-Minecraft UI and perspective styling might just detract from the game’s original ideas, but the mech at the end left me with enough intrigue to want to give this a go!


What is it: The College Atlas, first person enrapturingly beautiful oh my god how is that a game look at the surrealism give it to me

Why might it be worth a go?: There was no need for ANYONE to hound my inbox about this one because I’ve been following it for a little while, and my god I cannot wait to try it. There’s a good chance the very premise of this title is basically just very immediately me, which is why I’ve become so keen, but honestly if that art style doesn’t immediately grab you, I don’t know what will. The video is a dev diary, which is enormously insightful anyway, but if you haven’t the time there’s lots of the game right from the off, so give it a go and see what you think at least.

If anything else jumps out at me ahead of us jetting off to sunny Birmingham for the expo, I’ll update this post. Until then let me know if you’re going and if you’re planning on giving any of these potential GOTY contenders a go if you are!

More on Respawn soon then eh.

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