And For My (No Man’s Sky) NEXT Trick For My (No Man’s Sky) NEXT Trick

GOOD afternoon it is I, your favourite internet personality returning from the dead to ask you a vital question. Are you playing No Man’s Sky now? Finally? Because, like, everyone on my Twitter feed is. Everyone except me anyway, but that’s not through choice. Oh no. I’ve just been busy is all, and also Overwatch, it turns out, is a real deep hole that you can just fall down and down and down into and never really come out of. Also there’s a hamster in it now. Anyway, I want to play No Man’s Sky now because of the NEXT update.

I’ve actually always wanted to play No Man’s Sky, unlike you ungrateful shits who want your video games to cuddle with you afterwards as well as do all the things your ex wouldn’t. Ahem. What I mean by that is, I loved the initial iteration of NMS, you know that one that supposedly warranted Sean Murray and his small yet absurdly ambitious team to receive an unstoppable barrage of death threats, because gamers. And while plenty of you were busy feeling a bit misled by a slightly over-exuberant advertising campaign/project lead, *I* was floating along through space enjoying the most gentle, transient gaming experience since I played Firewatch and just sort of stood about for around an hour.

If you want to be insulted more, you can read the post I stuck up about No Man’s Sky at the time.

Alternatively, stay here and I’ll promise to be a bit nicer to you.

If you’ve been out of the loop on No Man’s Sky in some sort of enraged huff, or if you’ve just been playing some of the other games they have now, you may not know that this NEXT update is actually one of FOUR whopping great, game-shifting content dumps that Hello Games have slid down the internet pipes since release. And boy do these updates pack a punch. Before we list out the features NEXT is purported to offer, let’s get ourselves a quick rundown of EVERYTHING that’s been been included in the updates so far why not.

The Foundation Update

Version 1.1 hit the ground hard on the reconciliation front. As in Murray and team were dead set on at least having you curb your hail of abuse slightly. It included:

  • Creative and Survival game modes
  • Base building (For protection from adverse weather conditions, and as a fast travel point)
  • A farming system (Grow… things)
  • A camp deployment system (Collect resources and save your game)
  • Freighters (Buy a freighter, recruit an NPC to do all your hard work for you, stockpile resources)
  • New tech and items
  • Loads of visual updates


The Pathfinder Update

Pathfinder (not the handy Illustrator tool) or Version 1.2 introduced, chiefly, vehicles, among your usual raft of cosmetic and item-lead updates

  • Ground vehicles and race events
  • Online base sharing (so your mates can see how much you really played The Sims back in the day)
  • Own multiple ships (fill your freighters up with ships you’ve nabbed or bought)
  • Photo mode (honestly this game looks ridiculously pretty in places, this is a good call)

The Atlas Rises Update

On the one year anniversary of No Man Sky’s fateful release, Atlas Rises brought most predominantly, narrative changes, (the story comes courtesy of the brilliant Greg Buchanan) and the ability to find Freighters whose pilot had previously binned it onto the surface of a planet.

  • 30 hours of new story content
  • Explore crashed freighters
  • Terrain editing
  • Portals for fast travelling
  • Galaxy layout changes
  • And again all the usual visual, item, ship and UI updates

NEXT Update

Version 1.5, the one we’re all talking about, the one with all the rave reviews that’s finally turned the Steam ratings verdict on its head (or at least to Not That Bad), lets you explore the universe with your ‘friends’.

  • Full multiplayer experience
  • Third person perspective
  • Character customisation
  • Own a FLEET of freighters and send them out on missions
  • Rings of asteroids around planets like wot Saturn’s got
  • A space station marketplace

Having been hot on that Other Games vibe for the last 18 months myself I haven’t really been in and experienced anything beyond the Foundation update, and even that I didn’t exactly dunk my head into for very long.

Fortunately, everyone has gone nuts enough for this latest update for me to now want to urgently take a big deep, consuming breath and plunge myself bodily into the universe of No Man’s Sky once again. One of the game’s big draws for me, as I’ve discussed before, is just the ability to traverse space in your little craft, flying from one place to another, your stories developing around you as you go. I’m certain all these updates will only augment that idea, though I do hope it retains its relaxing, solitary, explorative demeanour as well through all this.

Had you given up on No Man’s Sky? Have you tried out any or all of the updates? Willing to give this latest one a go? Drop me a comment and let’s see, eh. More on Respawn soon!

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