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It’s Monday ladies and gentlemen, and that means (you know what that means right?) the games industry has gone MAD. Well sort of; I say ‘gone’… Turmoil has engulfed the Galactic Republic. Why? Because Destiny 2 didn’t sell as well as the first one, and the world’s most popular professional video squawker has revealed himself to be a total shit, for the second time this year. Shock. Horror. How will we contain our surprise.

I Tawt I Taw a Racial Slur

Yes, shrieker, hat-wearer, children’s entertainer and bored millionaire PEWDIEPIE has been lambasted, in some circles, for being simply unable to restrain himself from sicking up a racial slur during one of his potent live streams. Many were quick to denounce him, and many, bafflingly, leapt horrified to his defence.


It was an ‘intense gaming moment’ cooed the utter vermin of Twitter; can’t everyone stop making such a big fuss about it, it’s just a word, they mewed quaking at the very thought of their own darling Pewds having to take some responsibility for his own actions, instead of yelling at his moam to bring him more Kool Aid; this all several moments after said apologist was seen spitting reams of vitriol over how bad their peers are at Cuphead, or something equally inconsequential, of course.

PewDiePie or Felix

The problem, as if it needs explaining, is that Pewdiepie, or Felix, has a responsibility. He has millions of followers, they are of all ages, from all walks of life but of course many of them are kids. Does it matter if you or I say something like that? Yes, it absolutely does because it reinforces a negative and awful rhetoric that we should have evolved beyond. Does it matter if Felix says it on a live stream; yes, for the same reasons but multiplied by literally millions. And if he does say it, of course there should be outrage and anger and consequences, of course it should be opposed and challenged because that’s the only way we stamp out vile garbage like racial slurs, and stop them from being acceptable. We’re not talking pizza topping preference here – this is tolerance, a subject that is dismayingly prevalent in fucking 2017.

Dead Easy

Ultimately, the guy gets unthinkable amounts of money shovelled into his open, salivating mouth every morning for playing games and yelling a bit, so the least he could do is just not be a capricious, thoughtless hack in front of his clearly impressionable audience. It’s a caveat of living a life of creativity and luxury and it’s dead fucking easy.

All this also comes after he paid a couple of guys a fiver to hold up anti-semitic signs earlier in the year. ‘It was just a joke!’ the internet roared blindly, tripping up over their own tongue in the process while the rest of us were sick into a bucket.

2 Destiny 2 Furious

In retail news, Destiny 2 has launched to the delight of absolutely nobody. Well, actually that’s wrong, loads of people were delighted – more so than for any other release this year in fact – but sales were less than half of the first Destiny, at the same time after launch; so it may as well not have happened. In fact on PS4, Guerilla’s Horizon: Zero Dawn fared better in that first week. Everybody pack up and go home, video games are over.

L.A. Noire HD Release Date Confirmed

AND in brighter news, Rockstar’s superb 40’s Detective-Em-Up L.A. Noire is coming back with a new-gen shine on 14th November, alongside a Switch version (the first Rockstar game for a Nintendo console since the world-altering Rockstar’s Table Tennis) AND a V.R spinoff that none of us are rich enough to try. I’ll have a bit more on that soon because this news has gotten me all nostalgic, and I’m excited to play the Ken Cosgrove simulator once again.

More on Respawn soon you lot.

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