Portable Crazy Taxi is FREE, Good

http://www.respawnin5.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/crazytaxi.jpgPortable Crazy Taxi is FREE, Good

So E3 is currently in FULL SWING, and the new Xbox One X, (or XOX, or Kiss Hug Kiss as we will now refer to it), Bioware’s Anthem and another Wolfenstein game have all been boistrously yelling about themselves in the headlines, amongst many others that I can’t really remember. And yes, in the midst of all this glorious gaming gratification, this Eldorado of digital delight, I thought it noteworthy to post about an age-old iOS Appstore port. And that is why YOU, dear reader, are the only reader I have. Hey, by the way.

Anyway, the headline is this: CRAZY TAXI IS FREE ON MOBILE NOW. Which is good, but you’ve probably already gone; what, you mean that naff f2p endless runner currently butchering the classic arcade Taxi-Em-Up’s good name, like every other portable Sega release since forever? And to that I say, NO.

Released in relative obscurity bloody ages ago, Sega ported the original Crazy Taxi to iPhone. Verbatim. Like for like. Soundtrack and all. As far as I can tell, anyway. It was during a brief but blissful fad of odd console-to-mobile direct ports that all bordered on unplayable, all of which I bought. The PS2 GTA series and Max Payne to name but two. Maybe the only two, actually.

Still. Shockingly, in spite of inevitable, piss-poor, feedbackless touch screen controls, Crazy Taxi on iPhone was pretty good. It’s been a mainstay of my collection ever since release, though the inclusion of that Offspring song probably plays a significant role in how frequently I bother opening up the App. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Either way, if you haven’t got on board yet, and are looking for something new to thumb through while you’re on the tube or trying to avoid your partner’s gaze, the original Crazy Taxi is the rock-bottom price of FREE. So go and get it right this moment.

It’s worth mentioning they’ve turned the price all the way down to zero to celebrate Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire, which is their tycoon game that I have no interest in. Let me know if you do though! More, including E3 reactions here soon, sports fans.

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