Stanley Parable Designer Releases New Game, It’s Free, Wonderful Parable Designer Releases New Game, It’s Free, Wonderful

If you haven’t played The Stanley Parable then you’re wrong, I’m afraid. Go and correct this screaming anomaly in your life immediately if not sooner; and if that little half-gush didn’t make you sick or obedient, you can read my full thoughts on the matter from a very long time ago HERE.

Anyway, genius, madman, umbrella enthusiast William Pugh and his friends at shiny new dev Crows Crows Crows have released their first game. It came out at 5pm this evening (04/12) so this is alarmingly timely for us, isn’t it?

I don’t need to tell you to go get a free game, but I’m going to anyway. The tongue tangoing Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, And The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist is the name you’re looking for; and the waltz itself is a short, sharp, 20 minute affair. It could be rounded up with other twenty minute-long games in a collection that could then be referred to as The Twenty Minuters, all for the sake of a reference few will actually get. That said, I’ve managed a cool 104 minutes with it according to Steam, and I still feel like I’m missing something.

It’s enigmatically charming, feet-ticklingly funny, mysterious, fourth wall-breaking and sat at the helm of it all is the one and only Simon Amstell, who is every bit as excellent as you might imagine. The environment is littered with neat touches characteristic of Pugh’s design, that are witty, interesting and well-thought out. It’s one of those games that if you look close enough, you can see the traces of the people who made it everywhere. It’s that that sets Pugh apart for me and I am enormously excited for whatever Crows Crows Crows put out next.

With elements pleasingly reminiscent of TSP, and Amstell’s dulcet tones pleading with you, the player, throughout, you absolutely need to put down Fallout 4 or whatever else might be shaking its captivatingly long digital legs at you, and play this instead.


Find it right here:Steam





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