Codies Enter Micro Machines Territory Again with Toybox Turbos Enter Micro Machines Territory Again with Toybox Turbos

You like Micro Machines right? Of course you do. You’d kill for another wouldn’t you? Of course you would. If you Like Codemasters’ Facebook page, there’s a high chance you comment on every other post with something along the lines of ‘give us another Micro Machines or the puppy gets it’, leaving it entirely ambiguous as to what exactly it is you’re threatening to do to an unidentified household pet. Or, you know, something like that.

Anyway, to stagger hastily to the point, Codemasters can’t do another Micro Machines, otherwise they’d have bloody done one by now, wouldn’t they? They’re not sat around discussing their inherent aversion to large piles of money, and thinking ‘Success!? Nah, not for us’. Although sometimes it may appear otherwise. Ultimately, they can’t do another Micro Machines, because of licensing issues; licensing issues, that we’re not going to get into here. What they can do, and what they should have done quite a long time ago, is create something just like our favoured old multiplayer caper, and call it something different. Hooray then, for Toybox Turbos.

Have yourself a chufty at this trailer, and tell us it doesn’t bring back that warm fuzzy glow that seemed to emanate from the Megadrive, or any one of your mates’ 90’s-era taunts. Which presumably were the same as modern day taunts but with a Saved by the Bell quote in there somehow.

Of course, Codies published the knuckle-in-the-mouth Micro Machines V4 on PS2 back in 2006, and it was almost as fun as cutting your fingernails with a belt sander. But what we really want to see is an in-house, Codies’ developed table-top style racer that reminds us all what local multiplayer actually is, that brings back the glory days. Don’t we?

The game is heading to PC on the 12th of November, while the 360 and PS3 versions are TBC; though all will reportedly be priced at a scintillating £11.99. Think Toybox Turbos could be the Micro Machines-esque multiplayer madness, the ridiculous racing salvation we’ve all been praying for? We’ll have more soon you lot.



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