[COMIC] Jack Tretton: When Nervous Men in Suits Become Rockstars

There’re few ways to argue that Sony’s E3 2013 performance was that of an out and out rockstar. ‘Dropping the mic’, as was the term that was bandied around the E3 coverage, in reference to Jack Tretton’s glorious demolishing of everything Microsoft had just claimed was irrefutable, simply isn’t enough. It doesn’t quite leverage the true, punishing brilliance of the last few moments of that keynote. Guesty certainly seems to think not anyway, so he’s drawn that conference exactly as it happened in his head. Minus all the clowns of course. And the best part of it is, nobody can take this away from us. Or them. No matter what happens. Even if Microsoft completely backpedal on the hilarious mess that is their current next gen DRM offering, or if Sony turn out to have been filthy liars, we’ll remember that great moment when Jack Tretton tore off his shirt and crowd surfed to the bar on the shoulders of an acutely adoring, cheering audience. And that’s the magic of E3. Fallacies. And memories. Every year when June rolls around people ask ‘is E3 still relevant?’. The answer is; of course it is. Though sometimes only for the camaraderie. ┬áKaz Hirai’s five hundred and ninety nine US dollars fiasco and subsequent meme left its mark on the industry long after the PS3 became partially competitive. And there was even a beautiful reference to ‘giant enemy crabs’ and ‘massive damage’ in this years showing, although exactly where it was now alludes my sleep deprived consciousness.

E3 was great this year, although not quite for the reasons we at Respawn prophesied. It’s massively relevant to our industry, it’s a part of the culture, and a vital coming together of the community, whether that’s in person at the show, or across the many digital channels that broadcast the event and encourage comment and discussion. E3, we salute you. But not as much as we salute Jack Tretton, the nervous uncle, the professional apologist, the man who just reversed into your car in the parking lot and has come to swap insurance details. Well done Jackie Boy, this one’s for you.


E3 2013
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