[COMIC] Mark Guest The Detective: Part Two

So, occasionally Guesty forgets things. Sometimes it’s whether Tom writes for us. Other times it’s how to breathe. A lot of the time he forgets to do comics, which isn’t so much a vice as it is a reassurance for all us lot. Still, every so often he remembers, and endeavors to get one done before he dies. This week, he’s put one together on exactly this situation, after it was carefully explained to him, and the sound of our voices clearly echoed around in that tin can he calls a head for several days. Which is nice. Between Guesty not doing comics, and Tom persistently spewing up great ideas that neither of us have any time to actually do, things at Respawn HQ are really cooking. In a kind of, oh no the oven’s been on for three hours and now everything’s burnt kind of way.

After endlessly beating Tom over the head with a copy of Bioshock Infinite until he angrily told me he’d had enough of all this physical abuse not to mention the incessant name calling we’d been directing at various members of his family, quitting and storming out, dramatically slamming the door leaving me baffled as to why he didn’t like the violence but Guesty seemingly couldn’t get enough of it, all three of us finally finished the game.  And Tom didn’t really quit. And I learnt to use full stops. Well, ish. Since then, aside from all the exasperated conversations we’ve hurled each other’s way regarding the games incomparable ending, we’ve all moved on to greener pastures. Tom’s currently in the process of causing Lara Croft to die repeatedly in the new Tomb Raider, and I’ve taken to siting up till 3am playing the same level of Hotline Miami. God knows what Guesty’s up to, though we largely imagine it’s got something to do with building utterly impossible monstrosities in Minecraft. Oh and complaining  that he’s not working at Rooster Teeth yet. Anyway, here’s the comic, enjoy!

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Rob Vicars

Rob is a writer, wearing many hats that do not belong to him. When not scribbling ardently for his games blog Respawn in... 5, he pretends to be a musician, a videographer, a game developer and an alright guy.

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