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So just as we consider ourselves to be on the cusp of a flurry of GAMES for the 3DS, Ninty go ahead and announce the inevitable 3DSXL, missing the 3DSLite and the 3DSi out of the veritable list of disappointing cosmetic hardware upgrades. At least this is an opportunity for them to get rid of the Circle Pad Pro and actually build in the horrifically glaring omission of a second stick. BUT NOPE. They’re just releasing it again. But bigger. Obviously. Well done Nintendo, another baffling move. Naturally, Guesty’s running out of things to play on his eye-watering anti-sobriety simulator and his fury over Kingdom Hearts 3, or whatever it is he’s waiting for, will become pepetual one day. Bless him. Anyway, here is his anger-driven scrawling for this week; I’m beginning not to like my cartoon-self. I don’t know why. He just looks shifty. Do I look that shifty?

Let us know if you’re getting a 3DSXXXL, is it a bad move by Nintendo? Does it make perfect sense and we should shut up? Is using one really in any way similar to being drunk, or am I going to keep wringing out that metaphor forever?? Talk!

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Mark Guest

Mark Guest is not a nice person. If you meet Mark Guest, it is entirely likely something bad will happen to you. And that's why he's here, on the internet, making videos, speaking podcasts and writing utter jibberish in the hope it somehow pains you! N'awh.

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