Comic : The Beginning of the End


Yep, it’s a bleak outlook for GAME this week as further to the atrocious time they’re having already, they announce they’re NOT STOCKING Mass Effect 3. Like. At all.

The gist of this story, if you’re not already aware, is GAME have dramatically thrust a new documented agreement in the general direction of THE PUBLISHERS to try and help them claw their way out of what is essentially the inescapable death pit of doom, and in return EA said:


No thanks.


GAME hit back with a gruelling; Well, we’re not stocking your games then!


And EA said:


Alright then.


As an apology to the thousands of preorders and deposits the retailer has taken over the last few months, punters can get their deposits back in CASH, plus an extra fiver on their points card. Is it me, or is that not going to be a lot of money which could have gone toward stock?

Forgive me, but a far better solution (remember, Rob Vicars – Ultimate GAME Problem Solver, or whatever job I said I was applying for last article) would surely have been to only purchase the stock they’d had preordered, limiting sales but covering GAME for a certain amount, and saving them the hassle of refunding and crediting thousands of particularly dishevelled customers. From then they could negotiate with EA, putting future releases on indefinite hold until the matter was settled.

There’s likely lots we don’t know about the situation and the volatile relationship between EA and GAME could have come, once again, to boiling point in any number of manners this time. Still, without doubt, this is yet another unmistakable, cringe-inducing blow for the retailer. Come on GAME. Somewhere hidden in that spaghetti torsion of  inter-employee-business-personnel is a team of grounded, intelligent, gaming individuals who need their voices heard. For the sake of the industry. And so Mark Guest has to find something else to draw that doesn’t involve bottoms. I mean really.


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