Bioshock 2: a thought, a comment, a comic…

Yes we should have done this ages ago, but whatever.

So I have recently completed Bioshock 2. I like most people found the first game a thrilling and at times terrifying experience. So I was eager to get my filthy hands on the second one. After seeing it in a Blockbuster for £20, I couldn’t resist. One thing that made the first game such a success was the atmosphere. The way the environment felt so authentic, and how wandering into a dark area of Rapture filled me with total dread. This game continues this. The game allows you to play AS a Big Daddy. To me, this took away the fear of being confronted by a Big Daddy, they didn’t scare me anymore. What did scare me, were the Big Sisters. Even though I only saw them like 4 times in total. 2K Seem to have a talent for striking fear into a gamers heart even when the fear has a stupid name.

As for the story, it’s not as good as Bioshock 1’s. But that was never going to be the case. Though I feel Bioshock 2 may have told the story a tad more fluently. That’s not to say that Bioshock 2’s story was bad, not by any means. It was certainly interesting to see what Rapture also had to offer, meeting characters that you’d never heard of before. Let’s face it, Rapture is a CITY, its got to be huge, with so many people we have never met.

That’s really all I have to say on this. If you feel like learning more about Rapture, Play this game.

And FUCK big sisters.

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  1. 6th October 2010 | Shaney Boy says:
    I agree, The first game, even from the opening scene, swimming from the plane and fiery water, up that wierd twisted staircase, down the next set, which was even more eerie, and into the weird transport pod... Then there's the strange tape recordings you pick up throughout the game, which gave me the shivers every time I was walking around, half listening to the strange and delirious people talk about there final moments in Rapture, whilst counting the moving shadow's... Just in case :).
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