Ninty Nipples, Iwata Shrines, HD Monsters & More | Recap in 5

Ninty Nipples, Iwata Shrines, HD Monsters & More | Recap in 5

A veritable SHED LOADS of videos make up this week’s three-day late Respawn round up; featuring the hidden Switch game NES Golf, Mario Odyssey, Sony at TGS and MORE. Get in ahead of EGX tomorrow.

Why the Xbox One IS Future Proof (2014 Fortaleza Glasses and More)

In the dithering aftermath of E3, wherein Sony were forcefully, magnificently reunited with their former crown in a storm of whooping and cheering an awkwardly scripted E3 actor would be proud of, Rob bafflingly reasons that the Xbox One DOES has a future, donning his Sherlock Holmes cap and a pushy attitude to explain why, citing their once rumoured Fortaleza glasses, and the cloud! I say!

E3 2013: Foreword Unto Dawn

Awh here goes! It’s E3 time again everybody, so dive inside this handy foreword for brief Respawn style introduction, that verges on the downright useless, and includes all the times for all the upcoming conferences! Oof.

Microsoft Make One Big Mess of Xbox Reveal Show

Rob excitedly glued his eyeballs to his monitor to drink in the newly revealed Xbox One, but it seems like Microsoft hired a gazelle to put the show together for them. Here’re the mistakes they made, the big disappointments and why E3 could really be make or break for Microsoft.

Narrative Design: Pacing, Difficulty and How Metal Gear Rising Got it Right

Rob played Metal Gear Rising back in February, and besides euphorically slicing and dicing anything he can get a butter knife in to since, it’s also managed to make him yearn for a bigger emphasis on narrative design and its correct marriage to gameplay mechanics. Find out what on Earth he’s blabbering on about inside! And that.

The Next Xbox Won’t be Always-Online But it Might Eat Your Children

Yet another splurge from the rumour mill surfaces, this time discounting the idea that the Next Xbox will be always online only. Well duh. Says Rob, managing to make eight characters last a good page. Get inside and have yourself a right old shufty why not.

Respawn Podcast 21 – When Words Fail, Idiots Speak

It’s podcast time again ladies and gentlemen and believe it or not, we’re late. Yep, quite unlike us, we know but this right here is APRIL’s edition of the hour long rambling we haphazardly fail at stringing together on a monthly basis! Get inside to hear all about Microsoft’s 21st May venture, Illumiroom and much, much more! Oh and Sam Farrer joins us as well, but you don’t need to know about that.

[COMIC] Mark Guest The Detective: Part Two

Another comic looms ardently into view and with a due sense of of exhaustion and dread we IMPLORE you to check out Mr Guest’s latest scribbling! Forgetting things really is his domain. Give it a click then!

BioShock Infinite: The Sociable Single Player Game (and How it Ruined My Life)

When Rob finished BioShock Infinite, he took to the streets yelling at strangers until they sat down and discussed the premise and the moral undertones of the entire narrative with him in astonishing detail! Find out why Infinite’s somehow turned him into even more of a detestable git than usual, inside!

Sony Innovate with a Console Even Developers Can Use

It’s VIDEO time boys and girls, here’s our latest snippet of news in which Rob spiels off abhorrently with no regard for anyone, least of all the cat he glued jelly to. Poor thing. Have yourself a watch of this latest one and expect more soon! Probably.

The Piston Steam Box is Not a Thing

Someone grab that horse and get Rob off it. He’s not good with heights. The Xi3/Steam saga, otherwise known as Pistongate, is gutted like a disappointed fish in this latest splurge, as we find out what’s going on and question why on Earth the media took fiction for out right fact! Read on THEN.

Six Reasons Why The Playstation 4 Will Be My Best Friend

It’s BEEN ANNOUNCED. Yes it was the other week, but we needed a moment to get Rob down off the ceiling before he reverted to be his normal, detestable, blibbering self. We hate Rob. If you hate Rob too, why not read his latest illegible spieling about the PLAYSTATION 4. He’s listed six reasons why he won’t want to talk to you when Sony finally crack this freshly revealed slice of tomorrow out! Well? Go on then.

Game of the Year 2012: Incoming

WE’RE ON TIME! Well almost; you won’t find our game of the year inside this little spieling, but you WILL find an explanation about the articles coming up, what EXACTLY you’ll be hearing and how you may interpret them! There’ll all be online tomorrow, so for the moment, have a little shufty of this, and then jump in forum and let us know YOUR Game of the Year 2012!

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wallet, The Steam Sale is Here!

OH GOOD LORD! HERE IT COMES AGAIN! In this unhinged stream of conciousness that may or may not be suitable for anybody with half a mind, we take a quick sideways glance at the Steam Sale and try not to buy anything! Rob is an all day sucker, and he even says so inside!

The Shiny Things Feedback Loop: Why Far Cry 3 Won’t Get Off My Back and Let Me Play Hitman

Rob hasn’t been able to GET OFF Far Cry 3 this week! Why? Because he’s rubbish and can’t play any game properly? Well, yes, but it’s also because of THE SHINY THINGS. Or that’s what he claims anyway, read his gurgling apology inside and find out why you should be picking up the gaming equivalent of crystal meth RIGHT NOW. Sort of.

Podcast: Episode 16 – Fifty Shades of Conversation

We’re on time! Hooray! This is the beginning of a whole new era of punctual podcasts, you know. Gone are the days where you’d be waiting months and months just to hear the salacious noises emitting from our overused word factories, it’s time to usher in a new age of predictability! So jump on in for July’s hour-long ramble!