Recap in…5: The 2012 Episode

Roll up, roll up, it’s finally arrived. Your wait is over, leave your coats at the door, because now is the time for this YEAR’s episode of Recap in… 5! Rob and Guesty take a wonder down 2012 Lane and discover all the things they didn’t like about it, all over again! It’s a special one, so stop reading this, get inside and give it a bloody good eyeballing!

Podcast: Episode 15 – E3 2012 Sam Farrer Special

IT’S A PODCAST! Or a trap. Which ever one of those is most applicable to this situation. Join us for this E3 2012 Sam Farrer Special edition, our FIFTEENTH episode. It’s a riot. We promise. And once you’re done listening to our inherently annoying voices, ADD A COMMENT. Go on then. COR.