Monday: Racism, Retail and Rockstar | Recap in 5

Monday: Racism, Retail and Rockstar | Recap in 5

It’s Monday Madness over here on Respawn, so here’s a quick Recap, featuring YouTube sensation and confirmed Man Not Responsible Enough to be a Millionaire Pewdiepie, Destiny 2’s sales and the return of Rockstar’s L.A. Noire!

Behind the Scenes on Recap in…. 5

You didn’t think we’d have the sheer audacity to do something like this, did you? Nope. Well WE DID. Inside is a few clips from our first ever Behind the Scenes video, wherein you can see how terrible we are at life! Watch as a desperately claw together the audio for our latest video, interspersed with detestably bad celebrity impressions!

Recap in…5: The 2012 Episode

Roll up, roll up, it’s finally arrived. Your wait is over, leave your coats at the door, because now is the time for this YEAR’s episode of Recap in… 5! Rob and Guesty take a wonder down 2012 Lane and discover all the things they didn’t like about it, all over again! It’s a special one, so stop reading this, get inside and give it a bloody good eyeballing!