Reviews on Respawn: Explained

So we wanted to take a few moments out of our inherently precious time, to tell you a little bit about how things run IN THESE HERE PARTS.

Now, we’re a gaming blog, sure. This means that as well as features and news of undeniable babbling incoherency, we also do reviews from time to time. We try to review the newest games we can, to stay relevant, as any would-be-but-not-really journalists would strive for. Problem is, between Guesty’s drug racketeering, and Rob inexplicably putting holes in the wall with his head all day long, we’re held quite tightly for time. And for excuses pertaining to reality, we’re also dreadful at games and have jobs. This means that whilst we can get hold of games pretty quickly, we can’t really finish them in time. However, between us, we have far to much to say before barely breaking the selophane on the case.

So to solve this, we proudly introducing, the god-awfully named


Standing for, First Reviews. Good eh? No, not really. But it’ll do. If you see this before a game, it means we’ve played a GOOD CHUNK of it, enough to form some sort of unjustified opinion that we will shout about till Mary the Donkey comes home, but we haven’t actually FINISHED it, as we aim to do before putting in a final verdict on any game.

This way we can voice our first impressions, get your feedback and have a good hearty ol’ chinwag about it, before scribbling down our final review and score.

HOW ABOUT THAT EH. A forward thinking approach by two typically backward idiots. They’ll be making quaint YouTube videos next!


We’re also featured rather lovingly on THIS SITE. Good eh?

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