Nekro Early Access Preview | PC

PREVIEWS. We do those too, seemingly, and here we see Rob preening about in a coloured cloak and raising some demons to do the things he can’t be bothered to do in Nekro! Find out what he thought in this, our Early Access Preview!


Respawn at Insomnia54

Don’t know what Insomnia is? Well, neither did we; other than that debilitating inability to sleep. Turns out it’s also a pretty great gaming show in Coventry. Here’s what happened at our first Insomnia experience!


BBC Vilifies Minecraft to Parents. As Usual.

PARENTING! There’s a subject we’ve not covered much, but lowe and behold wait around long enough and a monkey turns into a Spanish Einstein. Or something. The BBC have been dicks about Minecraft. Here I am telling people how to bring up their kids as a result.


Life is Strange Episode 1 Review | PC

Kim gets to grips with the first episode of the time-travelling life ’em up Life is Strange! Find out what she thought in this REVIEW. Which we do actually do. I just have to get other people to do them.


VR Trinkets: The Roto VR and the Accessories of Tomorrow

ACCESSORIES, we all love those don’t we? Well no. Not if you ever bought a dodgy second Playstation controller. Or one of those ridiculous Wii tennis racket things. I had a go on the Roto VR and speculate about the part accessories will play in VR gear in this latest Monday blether!


Peacewalker: A Menu Too Far

Monday has returned! With a due sense of foreboding and dread, here I am discussing why I spent so long staring at a menu in Peacewalker, and how it’s not even the first time it’s FLIPPING happened. /delirium.


GDC: A Nice Time of Year

It’s THE WEEK IN GAMES. Well sort of. Here’s this week’s inane rambling about how GDC and Valve made Rob feel ALL EXCITED for games again. Just like when he was a small child, locked in a basement, excited at the prospect of sunlight. Or something.


Nintendo: The 2015 Solution

Nintendo enter 2015 facing yet more problems, but it’s OKAY because Rob thinks he has the answer. He doesn’t. Or does he? See how his solution withers and falls apart inside!


Is This Simply the Wrong Time for Hatred?

It’s time for POLITICS. Sort of. Not really. Here’s recent discussion magnet, controv-em-up Hatred and why we think this pretty despicable game’s existence is endangers the future of our beloved industry! Heck.


VIDEO | Nether Let’s Play

Would you believe it? Nether! This week’s Let’s Play sees Rob trying and failing to get used to the pace of a survival game, as he trudges from corner to corner boisterously fog-horning about not knowing what’s going on and where is he and what time is it. Dive in and watch it then!


Call of the Times: Advanced Warfare Shown up by New Gen GTA V

Watch and listen or read Rob’s inane ramblings about Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and how the series has in every way been shown by Rockstar’s recent GTA V first person mode announcement.


VIDEO | Evolve Alpha

We go HANDS ON with Turtle Rock’s co-op monster kill ’em up Evolve in this playtest of the recent alpha! What Rob be utterly feeble at video games whilst also proving he a brain made of soggy cardboard! Hooray!


VIDEO | Daylight Let’s Play

Respawn returns for its SECOND ever video, this time a Let’s Play for the asylum crawling, ghost sprawling, raring, scaring, spine-chill ’em up Daylight! Carry on inside to watch Rob be unnervingly jittery when faced with lukewarm digital horrors! Hooray!

toybox turbos

Codies Enter Micro Machines Territory Again with Toybox Turbos

Codemasters are back in the saddle, potentially, with their new Micro Machines-a-like Toybox Turbos. Relieve the glory days, maybe, and pretend we’re all playing Megadrives and watching Art Attack after school! Hooray.

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 Will Probably Definitely Come Out One Day

To like Gran Turismo is to like waiting. Or at least be very used to it, and Kazunori Yamauchi reckons probably ‘2015’, but y’know, maybe ‘2016’, but definitely hopefully before the next World Cup. Maybe.


Master Chief Collection has Flipping Great 20GB Day One Patch

We hope you folks like downloading stuff; because the excellent looking Halo assemblage The Master Chief Collection is going to come with a bandwidth-creasing 20GB day one download!


VIDEO | Bioshock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds Test Run

It’s VIDEO time folks. Dive right in to watch Rob be exceedingly bad at video games. Like Mr. Kipling. Only opposite. And there’re less cakes. So it’s bad news all round really. Inside, Rob has a fleeting bash at Bioshock Infinite’s arena mode DLC Clash in the Clouds! COR.


Gamergate: Why Respawn has Remained Silent

We’re BACK! Hooray! But before the ceremonies begin and you get used to this fancy new layout, Rob takes a moment to SPEAK OUT, as we seemingly can’t get him to stop doing, on Gamergate, a relatively recent fiasco that has swiftly sent games industry progress thundering back around 10 years!! Hoorah! Wait… not hoorah. Jump inside and find out what we’re on about EH.


Gaming and Narcotics: Opportunity, Fear and Desperate Pleas for Games

Rob masks a desperate plea for a game based on Phillip K Dick’s mind-malfunctioning A Scanner Darkly behind some nonsensical rambling about drugs and video games and the inevitable downfall of the human race! Perfect Sunday evening reading by anybody’s standards. So long as those anybodies don’t have standards of course.


Getting into GTA Online: An Impossible Task

Rob finally, ineloquently stumbles through the world of GTA Online, hand-held every step of the way by an experienced comrade yet still managing to feel, amongst other things, total isolation, irradiating jealously and ultimately, an active yearning for something less exciting. Who knows. Get inside and find out what he’s blathering on about then!

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