Review: Halo Reach

Rob finally gets off his face and reviews Halo: Reach, missing a large chunk of useful information and giving a false sense of persona by LIKING it. Some people call him useless, but we prefer Proactively Disputive.

Respawn Score – 95%

Brother in the Hood – Assassin’s Creed 2.5?

Musing over Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Guesty incidentally points out he likes to leave knives in Rob’s neck

Motion Comotion, Kinect Playtest

Rob takes a brief look back at ‘how it’s come to this’ with motion gaming, and goes and dives face first into our first of two upcoming Kinect playtests. This one straight from last week’s EuroGamer. Have we been bestowed with the GREETEST bit of gaming solution kit on Earth? WHO KNOWS. We do. Sort of.

Guesty Attends The RAGE Session

Guesty’s magical pen gives us an insight into what he learnt over the weekend

It’s All The RAGE

Tim Willits talks to us about his latest shooter and why you should believe in id Software once again! Check out what’s coming up in next year’s brand new IP RAGE.

Episode Nine: EuroGamer Expo

Last week we finally got to head down to EuroGamer and see all there was to see! And there was lots to see. Tune in for our mindless ramblings on what we thought of all the fancy new stuff, including Kinect and Gears of War 3! It was better than a plate of chips. Twice.

An Audience With Bobby Kotick

Rob enquires about Activision’s new pricing schemes

Activision Want To Make You Pay For Cutscenes

With Activisions most recent announcement that they intend to remove bits of games and have you pay for them, Rob takes a look back at some of the baffling actions taken and statements made by inherently evil publishing giant Activision, and then questions Bobby Kotick’s integrity in a social environment. HOORAY.

Brother Eyeballs New Projector Glasses Tech

Rob vivaciously takes another opportunity to tell other people how to do their job, citing a pair of Brother-engineered projector glasses capable of projecting a 16″ monitor-sized screen actually on to your eyeball. Insane? Probably. The future? Who KNOWS.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game: The Comic: The Difficulty Curve

Guesty demonstrates our combined incompetance in graph formulae

Episode Eight: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

In this week’s podcast we discuss Edgar Wright’s latest Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and why YOU should see it. That, and the opening five minutes is a load of self-indulgent waffle! Surely an episode you can’t afford to miss! Hooray!

Bioshock 2: a thought, a comment, a comic…

Guesty scribbles a comic about Bioshock 2, and then writes, uninvited, about the game

Medal of Honour Causes Controversy Amongst Imbecilic MPs

Rob scathingly reviews an account of events following EA’s latest Medal of Honour and the controversy surrounding its particulars. Excuse the overbearing aggressive political commentary, we keep telling him not to do it, but he just shouts and throws chairs.

Gaikai To Destroy The Console Market?

I recently watched a story on the news t’other day, about a company who are trying to allow everyone to play big title games, without forcing them to gain a bank loan in order to pay for them. I, like many gamers, hate how much we have to pay for video games, so i took […]

Alan Wake: The Signal – Mini Review

A quick look at the new, mostly FREE, Alan Wake DLC. Worth getting lost in Max Payne developers first add-on?? Find out, and be subject to Rob’s dreadful writing style. All that and more (probably) inside!

Episode 7: Super Sweet Sony Spectacular

Playstation Beta Rooms Bumper Special, we get to play LITTLE BIG PLANET 2, KILLZONE 3, MOTORSTORM APOCALYPSE, GRAN TURISMO 5, some PLAYSTATION MOVE titles and then we get to try a load of them in 3D, whilst bothering all the reps with our opinions! Jealous? No need! You can be bothered by our opinions too, with this weeks Podcast.

Episode 6

So this week we decided that the unbearable heat was just too much, and we’d play the Sun at it’s OWN GAME by hanging out in my garden. We showed you SUNSHINE. And when the hour was upon us to record this week’s podcast, we thought: MOVE? I THINK NOT! So we […]

Episode 2

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’sound’][/pro-player] Last chance to hear the older episodes. Head over to Podcast to hear the first three, or hit up for the 3rd to the…

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