PSP2: IT’S HERE! Sort of.

Sony have finally admitted to it! The next Playstation Portable is here, and its got some fancy new FEATURES. All the facts, pictures, specs, plus some mindless speculation thrown in for fun, right this way!

Gran Turismo 5 Review

Rob gets his teeth stuck into Gran Turismo 5, a million billion years in development, successor to the most popular racing series since Jeremy Clarkson: The Game, an undoubted spectacular performance! Is it everything we hoped for and more? Is it better than that new car smell? READ THIS AND KNOW EVERYTHING. Sort of.

Sony Set To Announce PSP2 Within Days

It’s been just hours since the 3DS event, but already we’ve learnt of Sony’s potential rebuttal, the all but confirmed PSP2 is supposedly ready to be laid bare in the next few days according to MCV. INTERESTING EH? Read on for more!

3DS – Release Date, Price and Features Confirmed!

All the details from the Nintendo event unveiling the 3DS; confirmed release date, price, launch games, pre-installed software and more news than you could shake a portable gaming device at! CLICK!

Angry Birds Movie Plot Leak – UPDATED!

Guesty’s comic returns! In speculative movie form! What could the Angry Birds the Movie entail? Cop-on-the-edge Crime Thriller? Probably not, no.

Bulletstorms, Breaches, Dreamcasts and House Parties – News Update!

We found TOO MANY stories, all of little individual value, so we decided we’d squash it all together and put it in this tidy little NEWS package for you. Click on to read about the Bulletstorm demo, new shooter Breach’s release date, the Dreamcast Collection AND XBL’s House Party line-up. Smashing.

Dr. Kawashima Lands On Kinect, Potentially Squashes It

Guess who’s back? It’s not a pointless rapper. It’s the King of Shovelware, the braining training, raging caging, Doctor of cerebral engineering himself: Dr. Kawashima! And look what he’s doing, angering our gentle Rob. Click to read! Immediately. If not sooner.

Episode Ten: 2010

We’re BACK. Since our last podcast was all the way back in October, chronicling our escapades at EuroGamer, we figured we’d sit about again and talk utter rubbish about the year in gaming! You’ve read the review, now listen to two idiots babble incoherently about the same subject! Hoorah!

3DS Launch Fast Approaches, Kick Starts 2011

The 3DS is upon us. Terror! As details announced at Nintendo’s own event come crashing down around us, and retailers everywhere start begging for your money three months early, we take a quick look at WHAT WE KNOW SO FAR.

2010: The Year in Review

Here it is! In true Respawn style – several days too late – Rob takes a discerning look back at 2010, the highs, the lows, the waggle waving, third dimension toting, zombie-killing, cowboy poppin’, lawsuit flyin’, exciting, disappointing, mesmerizingly questionable year in gaming. Give it a click!!

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – Review

Rob finally gets off his face and reviews Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. We were amazed he finished it at all. So is Brotherhood a quantic leap across the renaissance Italy skyline for the franchise, or is it a trip and fall from the rooftops, narrowly missing a stack of hay and breaking its legs on a market stall. All that and less inside!

The Digital ‘Revolution’

Special Guest Contributor Leemondelicious carves a delicate hole in the future of digital distribution, before running straight through it and scattering the bits everywhere. Are we really benefiting at all from downloading our games? Or are we walking a short road to just mailing all our wallets to the publishers to cut out the hassle. WHO KNOWS. Lee’s got a pretty good idea.

EA Lose What’s Left Of Their Tiny Little Minds

Guesty’s ability to use an iPhone once again comes in VAGUELY USEFUL. Clickety click and find out why EA are being uncharacteristically generous, what YOU can get for a bargain, and of course, what Guesty’s haphazardly scribbled thoughts of it all are.

Kinect is strange, exciting

Rob decides that, occasionally, it’s alright to look on the bright side. Has Kinect got the capacity to go all SKYNET on us? Or are we looking at three years worth of Big Beach Sports: Somehow More Dreadful Kinect Edition.

Fable III Review

Finally we hammer our way through Lionhead’s latest and let you know EXACTLY what we think. Was Guesty pleased to be King? Or let down royally? Who knew I’d get to use that pun TWICE.

Dashboard Update: Pro-Kinect, Anti-Guesty

The new Dashboard update came out. Guesty wasn’t pleased. Was it the blinding white make over? Was it the little wooshy sound when you start up the Xbox? Was it a momentary, reactionary phase that he’ll soon grow out of? Find out most of this in summary detail by CLICKING. GO ON. GO ON I DARE YOU.

FReview: Fallout New Vegas

After 12+ hours of gameplay, Rob sizes up first impressions of utter corker Fallout 3 follow up. Is New Vegas a buggy piece of under-developed waste, or wasteland-simulating perfection? Our First Review will have its ends tied shortly. Rob is too rubbish to finish games on time.

App Attack: Fable III Kingmaker

Guesty stops doodle jumping and cutting ropes and making lightsabre swooshy noises long enough to review Lionhead’s Fable III-twinned app ‘Kingmaker’. An application of royal occasion, or of rebellious resentment? Either way, that is a dreadful metaphor.

Nintendo Think Your Face Could Be Better

Look! Doesn’t this lady look stupid? Well she is! How would you like to look JUST AS stupid!? Nintendo ensure you certainly can this Christmas.

Oh Good Lord when will it end?

Gran Turismo 5! Definitely Coming Out! Oh wait…

Surprise surprise, Polyphonic Digital, developers of the Gran Turismo series, have lied to you again. Delayed till an unforseen date, we won’t blame you if you decide to believe it actually doesn’t exist. And for you, Rob takes a stab at their face. Sort of.

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