I’ve been playing Oquonie, among other things, and its unique, abstract world is something to get lost in. That’s both your character, and your sense of things that aren’t written by David Firth.

REVIEW: Theatrhythm

Reviewing with the audacity of man wildly pointing out the weather, Tom slams down his copy of Theatrhythm and scribbles us a rip-roaring review on the latest portable Final Fantasy outing, this one coming complete with tap shoes and jazz hands! Is this everything it sounds? Thankfully no. Get inside and find out what we thought why not!

Resident Evil: Revelations Review

You might have considered us to have forgotten how to do reviews… well NU-UH. Tom dives head first into the portable edition of Resident Evil. Could Revelations be as bad as Mercenaries? As good as Resi 4?? Hand-cripplingly brilliant or machine-throwingly poor, find out if Resi Revey is worth your time inside! COR.

Infinity Field Review

Infinity Field’s our latest iOS review, but can the Geometry Wars clone do what the masters of the genre couldn’t and take a classic on the road? Is this 69p well spent, or just a brash, unashamed bucket of dross that a Bizarre Creations cast-off happens to have been sick into? FIND OUT INSIDE! Probably.

App Attack: Fable III Kingmaker

Guesty stops doodle jumping and cutting ropes and making lightsabre swooshy noises long enough to review Lionhead’s Fable III-twinned app ‘Kingmaker’. An application of royal occasion, or of rebellious resentment? Either way, that is a dreadful metaphor.