Respawn Podcast 21 – When Words Fail, Idiots Speak

It’s podcast time again ladies and gentlemen and believe it or not, we’re late. Yep, quite unlike us, we know but this right here is APRIL’s edition of the hour long rambling we haphazardly fail at stringing together on a monthly basis! Get inside to hear all about Microsoft’s 21st May venture, Illumiroom and much, much more! Oh and Sam Farrer joins us as well, but you don’t need to know about that.

Respawn Podcast Episode 20 – There is No Title

The TWENTIETH podcast is here! Drape your ears gently over our latest vocal splurging, and don’t let that haphazardly worded plea put you off! Oh go on.

Respawn Podcast Episode 19 – The Inability to Speak

Podcast 19 is here! Not quite as on time as we thought it was whilst we were recording, but that doesn’t matter, does it? No. Join us as we engage special guest Joe Glascodine in meaningless conversation about the Playstation 4, and plenty of other things that we’ve been trying hard to forget about!

Podcast: Episode 18 – An Unforgivable Blunder Through 2012

Oh Good Lord! Another podcast!? Could it be true! It can! It is! It’s secreted within this VERY PAGE. You lucky devil you. Click the jump and listen to the soft, sensual sound of our voices as we guide you through the turbulent and tumultuous temperatures of this year’s gaming gallivant! WELL GO ON THEN.

Podcast: Episode 17 – Crucify This

Podcast episode 17 is upon us! Behold! September’s ramblings are sponsored by our inability to do ANYTHING in August, so there’s plenty to chew over in here, the new Metal Gear, Guesty’s Transformers review, Guesty’s questionable obsession with Mickey Mouse, Guesty’s immediate family and their impressive collection of restraining orders and ALL SORTS ELSE. Have yourself a merry little listen why not!

Podcast: Episode 16 – Fifty Shades of Conversation

We’re on time! Hooray! This is the beginning of a whole new era of punctual podcasts, you know. Gone are the days where you’d be waiting months and months just to hear the salacious noises emitting from our overused word factories, it’s time to usher in a new age of predictability! So jump on in for July’s hour-long ramble!

Podcast: Episode 15 – E3 2012 Sam Farrer Special

IT’S A PODCAST! Or a trap. Which ever one of those is most applicable to this situation. Join us for this E3 2012 Sam Farrer Special edition, our FIFTEENTH episode. It’s a riot. We promise. And once you’re done listening to our inherently annoying voices, ADD A COMMENT. Go on then. COR.

Respawn in..5 Podcast Episode 14!

It’s THAT time again, and yes it has been several millenia since we last SPOKE with our voices for you, but that’s because we’ve been very busy filing paperwork and what not. This, the first Respawn podcast of 2012, will definitely usher in a new age of regular podcasts that are even LESS COHERENT THAN USUAL! Take a dip into our reverberating vocal aquarium, excuse the Tangent Fish and settle in for inane rambling about 2011, the Vita, and this year’s E3! Plus SOME OTHER STUFF!

Episode Thirteen: The Empire Strikes… He Scores!

Episode Thirteen sees what can only be described as our TRIUMPHANT return to the airwaves, touching on such up to the minute subjects as that giant trade show that happened a month ago, Duke Nukem, a game that’s been out for several weeks, a purse full of false promises and even a BRAND NEW section in which we talk about APPS. Get in and give us a listen, and let us know what you think! HOORAH.

Episode Twelve: The Difficult Twelfth Episode

WE HAVE RETURNED! More vocal madness, a solid hour of failing to stay on topic in any way, shape or form! And more indistinguishable jargon than you can likely handle!! Get listening! COR.

Episode Eleven: Relocation Relocation Reloblahblah

Listen to us drone on inanely again! Back, and in our brand new location, with several interuptions and a general inability to stick to the topic, our Podcast returns slightly less triumphant than before! Somehow! Hoorah for us!

Episode Ten: 2010

We’re BACK. Since our last podcast was all the way back in October, chronicling our escapades at EuroGamer, we figured we’d sit about again and talk utter rubbish about the year in gaming! You’ve read the review, now listen to two idiots babble incoherently about the same subject! Hoorah!

Episode Nine: EuroGamer Expo

Last week we finally got to head down to EuroGamer and see all there was to see! And there was lots to see. Tune in for our mindless ramblings on what we thought of all the fancy new stuff, including Kinect and Gears of War 3! It was better than a plate of chips. Twice.

Episode Eight: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

In this week’s podcast we discuss Edgar Wright’s latest Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and why YOU should see it. That, and the opening five minutes is a load of self-indulgent waffle! Surely an episode you can’t afford to miss! Hooray!

Episode 7: Super Sweet Sony Spectacular

Playstation Beta Rooms Bumper Special, we get to play LITTLE BIG PLANET 2, KILLZONE 3, MOTORSTORM APOCALYPSE, GRAN TURISMO 5, some PLAYSTATION MOVE titles and then we get to try a load of them in 3D, whilst bothering all the reps with our opinions! Jealous? No need! You can be bothered by our opinions too, with this weeks Podcast.

Episode 6

So this week we decided that the unbearable heat was just too much, and we’d play the Sun at it’s OWN GAME by hanging out in my garden. We showed you SUNSHINE. And when the hour was upon us to record this week’s podcast, we thought: MOVE? I THINK NOT! So we […]