Playstation Meeting

Playstation Meeting: Snorefest Calls For Consoles to Become PCs

The Playstation NEO became the PS4 Pro at The Playstation Meeting, and honestly, very little else happened. Maybe we fell asleep. Are quarter-generation upgrades the new norm and does this mean consoles will go the way of the PC?


No Man’s Patch: A No Man’s Sky Pre-Launch Linger

Initial impressions, and what that dirty great and entirely CONTROVS patch did in our first hastily splurged No Man’s Sky post! Dive in.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider: Fall of the Adventure Game?

Kim played the new Tomb Raider at Eurogamer Expo this year. Amidst an unfulfilled want to lock a butler in the fridge again, find out what she thought!


Call of the Times: Advanced Warfare Shown up by New Gen GTA V

Watch and listen or read Rob’s inane ramblings about Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and how the series has in every way been shown by Rockstar’s recent GTA V first person mode announcement.

toybox turbos

Codies Enter Micro Machines Territory Again with Toybox Turbos

Codemasters are back in the saddle, potentially, with their new Micro Machines-a-like Toybox Turbos. Relieve the glory days, maybe, and pretend we’re all playing Megadrives and watching Art Attack after school! Hooray.

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 Will Probably Definitely Come Out One Day

To like Gran Turismo is to like waiting. Or at least be very used to it, and Kazunori Yamauchi reckons probably ‘2015’, but y’know, maybe ‘2016’, but definitely hopefully before the next World Cup. Maybe.


Master Chief Collection has Flipping Great 20GB Day One Patch

We hope you folks like downloading stuff; because the excellent looking Halo assemblage The Master Chief Collection is going to come with a bandwidth-creasing 20GB day one download!