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Which I’m sure you’re pleased to be made aware of. Had you not been here, and infact been somewhere else, this whole situation would have been alot worse for both of us. Fortunately, you are infact here, meaning it’s only worse for you. And great for us! So welcome to our humble abode. This is our .COM or or .net, depending on how you got here. All of those work though, which is fancy eh? And all thanks to our good friends at COBALT WEB SERVICES. However, before you become even more confused, allow me to explain;

This is Respawn in…5, a video games website. Primarily, we are a podcast. You know, the internet talky thing. However we have been known to do things with YouTube, you know, that internet videoy thing, and occasionally we make a hashed-up attempt at stringing some sentences together to moan alot in PROSE. The writing thing. Hopefully as our intensely poor web-designing skills marginally increase, you’ll see this page slowly begin to take shape. So stick around, keep checking back, listen to the podcasts, and also, email us. Let’s bring back the lost art of conversation. Digital conversation. We like to talk. So get in touch HERE [email protected]

Yours hysterically,

Rob and Guesty

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  1. 6th June 2010 | admin says:
    Respawn In...5 is primarily a short internet show in which two nobodies and a lighting crew of untold physicality and realism comment and make barely humerous remarks upon your favourite industry. HOWEVER it's also a soon to be website, a webcomic and we also do a bit of blogging here and there as well. Aren't you people just the very definition of lucky. Boom boom pow. Away!