A Night in With The Overwatch League: Getting To Grips With Esports

Esports! Did you look at the screen, wide-eyed and concerned when you read that? Well GOOD. This article is, sort of, for you. I sat down to really get to grips with the Overwatch League last week, and here’s what happened! Not forgetting a good old yarn about esports in general before we get going.

Respawn in… Friday | Heatwave Special

Does this count as a new post? Barely. But I’m putting it up anyway, and there isn’t a thing you can do about it. Here’s how I’m failing to manage gaming through this heatwave and beyond, and what’s to come on the site soon!

Porcelain Pill Release Bespoke Single for ‘Close To The Sun’

Australian Folktronica (yes it’s a thing) band Porcelain Pill have gone and WRITTEN a song for Bioshock-em-up Close to the Sun. Listen to it right now you hear!?

The Retailing of Isaac: Why I Love Moonlighter

I have been playing 11 Bit Studios’ wonderful Moonlighter on arguably the wrong console. It’s out on Switch now too, but I’ve got my teeth all stuck into it on the PS4 – jump in to find out why I’m obsessed with selling in this week’s post!

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Musical Mastery

I finally finished Red Dead Redemption 2! To celebrate my timeliness, here’s a look at how its musical mastery made me fall in love with the West all over again.

REIGNS, Trains and Thoughtmobiles

As I’m an official ‘commuter’ now, by which I mean, I get the train every day, I thought it only right that I garble on incomprehensibly about a mobile game I can’t stop playing. Get in and find out why I bloody love REIGNS.

Slightly Mad Announce Slightly Mad Sounding Hardware Release

I’m BACK. I mean sort of. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. It’s 2019 already and we’re kicking things off by kicking over a chair and wildly yapping on about a NEW CONSOLE from a third party dev!? More inside and HNY, an’ all that.

Metro Exodus @ EGX

Yet MORE EGX content you lucky things you. Here are my unravelling thoughts on my time with the Metro Exodus demo, follow up to the superb narrative FPS games 2033 and Last Light.

The Collage Atlas @ EGX 2018

The first of my EGX 2018 posts is FINALLY here. I bet you were all on tenterhooks weren’t you. Here’s what happened when I played the beautiful The Collage Atlas at Eurogamer.

Eurogamer 2018 Blog: Indie Fest In Full Swing

I went to Eurogamer! Sure it was two weeks ago, but who’s counting? You are. I see. Well anyway, here’s the first of a few articles I’ll be posting about the things I DID. Let’s kick it off with a little blog about the whole sordid affair!

Eurogamer Expo 2018 Warm Up Indie Picks

Eurogamer is upon us! And since I’m being swamped with great indie game recommendations I can play while I’m there, I thought I’d share some with you lucky lot. Here’re my pre EGX indie picks!

Counter-Strike: GO Now Has A FREE Version, So Here’s Why I Love It

Counter-Strike GO has a FREE version now! Which is as good a reason I can think of to stumble down memory lane like an intoxicated gazelle banging into things and whining about the good old days with the gusto of a Brexit voter. Hoorah.

Incredible Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Video Attempts To Offset Social Media Mare

Oh dear, oh dear CD Projekt RED, what is going ON. A royal Twitter cock-up earlier in the week has at least been supplanted by 48 minutes of glorious Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay! Have yourself a see.

Unfortunately I’m Enjoying Playing Paladins on Switch

I’m playing Paladins. Oh no. I never thought this day would come. Not really. Not truly. I thought I was exempt. Anyway I previously had little to no idea what this game actually was, so jump inside to find out why I wish I could stop playing it.

And For My (No Man’s Sky) NEXT Trick

No Man’s Sky NEXT is the game on everybody’s lips right now, perhaps at long last, for the right reasons. I haven’t played it, but here’s a little dip into what’s changed with the game over the last 18 months or so!

Fortnite on Switch Feels Revolutionary

Fortnite is NOW ON THE SWITCH, and while I continue to get roundly beaten by all the bloody children because I am old and have no time, I also have some things to say that AREN’T complaints. Jump on in to find out if I’m lying or not.

E3 2018: Is The Industry Growing Up

E3 is DONE WITH. And it was a veritable smattering of events and happenings and occurrences as per. But wait. What’s that? Is the industry… changing? Probably not. Find out why in this latest blibbering.

Cyberpunk 2077 Parking Space Reserved at E3!

It’s fine. I didn’t want a life anyway. CDPR, Witcher 3 creators, are bringing their Blade Runner em’ up to E3, something we know thanks to a recent addition to the E3 show schedule!

Tretton Returns – Jack is Back, Baby

Jack is Back! Tretton that is. Sony’s former President who used to smash out a monotone apology on the regs for the big SCEA has a NEW COMPANY. Find out why we’re kind of excited and also simultaneously bored about Interactive Gaming Ventures!

I Watched The Game BAFTAs and They Were Good This Year

I watched the Game BAFTAs! Because being terrible at Overwatch just wasn’t cutting it for Thursday evening entertainment. Here’s what I thought (I thought it was good).