I Finally Played Overwatch

Don’t say we don’t do current affairs here at Respawn. Well, okay, you can say it. I finally got into a game I THOUGHT I’d love, on its ceremonious ‘Free Weekend’ (incidentally I played it on a Monday so). Here’s what I THOUGHT!

Did Anything Happen At Sony’s Paris Games Week Conference?

It’s PARIS GAMES WEEK. Oo-la-la, je ne suis le grande poisson etc. Here I am milling over the announcements made at Sony’s killer (or not especially killer) conference!

EGX Hands On: Honeypot Espionage

Stumbling into the EGX show hall I was greeted by Pocket Sized Hands’ Honeypot Espionage, a VIVE VR game that almost had me smashing up their monitors.

Euro-Gandering Round Eurogamer Expo 2017

I went to Eurogamer! Hooray for me. Sure it was a week ago already, but as we have long since established, I am rubbish. Here’s a little post on my thoughts about the show in general, playtest specific articles to follow!

Ninty Nipples, Iwata Shrines, HD Monsters & More | Recap in 5

A veritable SHED LOADS of videos make up this week’s three-day late Respawn round up; featuring the hidden Switch game NES Golf, Mario Odyssey, Sony at TGS and MORE. Get in ahead of EGX tomorrow.

Monday: Racism, Retail and Rockstar | Recap in 5

It’s Monday Madness over here on Respawn, so here’s a quick Recap, featuring YouTube sensation and confirmed Man Not Responsible Enough to be a Millionaire Pewdiepie, Destiny 2’s sales and the return of Rockstar’s L.A. Noire!

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Hits 10m Players – But WHY?

10 MILLION players now, for a game which isn’t even out. Before I dive in head first to see what on Earth’s happened, here’s why I think Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is so venerated.

VIDEO | The Philosophy of Horizon: Zero Dawn (SPOILERS)

Been hard at work on this one for a little while – have a look at the first video I’ve done in AGES (aside from Twitch) and join me in thinking about the philosophical ideas posed by the superb Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Destiny 2 PC Beta Bonanza

I played the Destiny 2 Beta on PC! It was ruddy good! Who’d have thought I’d manage something topical! See some words and some beta puns in this post!

RTSFest: NEW Age of Empires, Jurassic Park and Anno

Gamescom is out of the gates, and notably, we’ve seen an influx of NEW RTS’, including, mostly, some very old names indeed. Watch all the trailers inside why not!

Sonic Mania: A Revelation in the Making

I had a lingering thought on the success of Sonic Mania and took the opportunity to ruin your day by turning it into few hundred words. Is Mania a turning point for classic game devs?

Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 Delayed to the Surpise of No One

Star Citizen’s latest update has been delayed, so with this news, I thought I’d scribble some backstory on what it is, and how I faded from hyper-ventilating excitement to cynical indifference.

Is Xbox Live The Reason Sony Said No to Minecraft Cross Play?

Microsoft are laying down some sick burnz in the wake of Sony refusing to buddy up for Minecraft Cross Play, and with my keen intellect and poor journalism, I reckon I’ve figured out why.

Portable Crazy Taxi is FREE, Good

E3 may be happening, and all the REAL journalists might be talking about that, but here’s a post about an iPhone port of a game older than time itself. #professionalism

You Should Play The Temple Of No Immediately

I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been very busy. Anyway, with this site’s oldest partner in crime’s wedding out of the way, I scribbled some words on my run through The Temple of No the other night. It’s great. Play it now.

Absurdist Inferences, Reflection and Wonder: Playdead’s INSIDE

Inside’s PS4 release finally spurred me to splurge the cash, and as it turns out I wasn’t wrong to do so. Winding, visually lyrical, thought-provoking… an entirely metaphorical game? Here’s what I reckon to Limbo’s successor.

I Finally Played Journey

I finally played Journey everyone. Yes I’m four years’ late or 18 months at best, but still, we’re here now right. Find out what words it made me witter.

Playstation Meeting: Snorefest Calls For Consoles to Become PCs

The Playstation NEO became the PS4 Pro at The Playstation Meeting, and honestly, very little else happened. Maybe we fell asleep. Are quarter-generation upgrades the new norm and does this mean consoles will go the way of the PC?

If You Were Disappointed By No Man’s Sky It’s Basically Your Own Fault

Ranty Mcranterson right here. People seem to consider No Man’s Sky some sort of personal affront, when it’s actually just someone’s creative endeavour they worked themselves to death over. And that’s not on.

No Man’s Patch: A No Man’s Sky Pre-Launch Linger

Initial impressions, and what that dirty great and entirely CONTROVS patch did in our first hastily splurged No Man’s Sky post! Dive in.

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