Trials Evolution: Your GP Will See You Now

Guesty’s been hammering away at Trials Evolution this week, and as luck would have it, so has Rob! In a rare, dual-wielding extravaganza, see the comic and read the garb ALL IN ONE! Is Evolution the incomparable galavant the first one was? Or is it merely an exercise ruining that poor rider’s day? OR IS IT BOTH!!?


Life is Strange Episode 1 Review | PC

Kim gets to grips with the first episode of the time-travelling life ’em up Life is Strange! Find out what she thought in this REVIEW. Which we do actually do. I just have to get other people to do them.

Take Two a Salacious Buy-Out Opportunity – #GamingNightmares

Rumblings of a Take Two Take Over DISPLEASE us, find out what all the FUSS is about post-L.A. Noire week, and why someone’s got their seedy eye’s on the GTA publishing extraordinaire.


Master Chief Collection has Flipping Great 20GB Day One Patch

We hope you folks like downloading stuff; because the excellent looking Halo assemblage The Master Chief Collection is going to come with a bandwidth-creasing 20GB day one download!


VIDEO | Daylight Let’s Play

Respawn returns for its SECOND ever video, this time a Let’s Play for the asylum crawling, ghost sprawling, raring, scaring, spine-chill ’em up Daylight! Carry on inside to watch Rob be unnervingly jittery when faced with lukewarm digital horrors! Hooray!


Gamergate: Why Respawn has Remained Silent

We’re BACK! Hooray! But before the ceremonies begin and you get used to this fancy new layout, Rob takes a moment to SPEAK OUT, as we seemingly can’t get him to stop doing, on Gamergate, a relatively recent fiasco that has swiftly sent games industry progress thundering back around 10 years!! Hoorah! Wait… not hoorah. Jump inside and find out what we’re on about EH.


3DS XL: Larger Machines > Games

This week’s comic is orbiting bitterly around Nintendo’s 3DSXL announcement, as Guesty envisions a future where we all simply play larger versions of the same consoles. It’s horrific. Can you imagine a bigger original sized PS3. You could kill a man with it. Anyway, click to read nothing useful about Ninty’s newest. It’s BIGGER THAN YOUR HEAD.


Metal Gear Solid V: Gotta Balloon ‘Em All

Of course, I’m playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and of course, the balloons are my favourite bit.


VIDEO | Evolve Alpha

We go HANDS ON with Turtle Rock’s co-op monster kill ’em up Evolve in this playtest of the recent alpha! What Rob be utterly feeble at video games whilst also proving he a brain made of soggy cardboard! Hooray!


VIDEO | Nekro Let’s Play

We’re BACK video lovers, back with more tepid ambiguity to really try and mess up your day. Yes, following our Nekro Preview, here’s a Nekro Let’s Play, in which I fail to do anything substantial in the game! Hoorah.


VIDEO | Bioshock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds Test Run

It’s VIDEO time folks. Dive right in to watch Rob be exceedingly bad at video games. Like Mr. Kipling. Only opposite. And there’re less cakes. So it’s bad news all round really. Inside, Rob has a fleeting bash at Bioshock Infinite’s arena mode DLC Clash in the Clouds! COR.


Is This Simply the Wrong Time for Hatred?

It’s time for POLITICS. Sort of. Not really. Here’s recent discussion magnet, controv-em-up Hatred and why we think this pretty despicable game’s existence is endangers the future of our beloved industry! Heck.

xbox 720 specs

Xbox 720 Specs Killed My Father (And Kidnapped My Interest)

The next generation is so close we can taste it! It tastes like a pavement, whatever you do, don’t try to taste it. Regardless, we’re inexcusably excited for it, and that means we get to ramble on incoherently in its name! Find out inside then why we’re NOT BOTHERED about the recent spillage of 720’s specs!


Parkour for the Course? | Feature

We make brash, nonsensical doomsday predictions about the future in a manner by which the Daily Mail have hailed ‘not too bad, keep at it and maybe we’ll make snakes of you yet’. Sort of. Jump inside and find out what Rob thinks of all the parkour in Titanfall and Dying Light and explains why it DEFINITELY spells trouble for us all! Sort of. Okay not really.


The Video Game Awards 2011

Respawn in…5 at the VGAs! And by ‘at the’ we mean, ‘make Rob stay up till 3am streaming it over the interwebs!’ And I’m even aware that makes no sense whatsoever. EXCELLENT HEY! Trawl through this intensive coverage of this rollercoaster event, featuring some Oh-mazing announcements, Charlie Sheen, Hideo Kojima and MORE. Now with HIGHLIGHT TRAILERS! Hoorah.


Nekro Early Access Preview | PC

PREVIEWS. We do those too, seemingly, and here we see Rob preening about in a coloured cloak and raising some demons to do the things he can’t be bothered to do in Nekro! Find out what he thought in this, our Early Access Preview!


The Stanley Parable | Gone Playing

ANOTHER Gone Playing? Yes, two of the same thing in a row, but we’ve not had anything to say all month, presumably because Rob’s been running our Stanley into the ground. Sort of. Watch as he coagulates with shameless joy in this post, and remember the days when he used to DISLIKE things with misty eyes! Why not.


VIDEO | Nether Let’s Play

Would you believe it? Nether! This week’s Let’s Play sees Rob trying and failing to get used to the pace of a survival game, as he trudges from corner to corner boisterously fog-horning about not knowing what’s going on and where is he and what time is it. Dive in and watch it then!

A Short Letter to Phil Fish

A Short Letter to Phil Fish

We’re pretty good at childish spats here at Respawn. It’s an art we’ve perfected to a truly scientific extent, so much so that people don’t invite us to parties for fear of how much better we’ll be at having a childish spat than them. Still, tragic social ramifications of being cognitively challenged aside, here’s something we think Phil Fish should read, regarding the playground etiquette that stained everyone’s shirts last week.


Gaming and Narcotics: Opportunity, Fear and Desperate Pleas for Games

Rob masks a desperate plea for a game based on Phillip K Dick’s mind-malfunctioning A Scanner Darkly behind some nonsensical rambling about drugs and video games and the inevitable downfall of the human race! Perfect Sunday evening reading by anybody’s standards. So long as those anybodies don’t have standards of course.

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