Beating EveryBuddy: Beatbuddy Tale of the Guardians Review

I know, a review, on Respawn!? You’ve got to be kidding? Nope. This here is LEGIT. So much so that it couldn’t possibly relinquish its tenure. So get your face buried into this page and find out what we thought of THREAKS’ bubble bouncing ‘beat’ ’em up (geddit) platformer Beatbuddy! Cor.

Nvidia Think You Should Buy a PC: Cataclysmic Revelation Shocks Nation

After tailing off on some story from several millenia ago, in which he also fleetingly mentioned Nvidia, Rob decides to show rampant displeasure in the face of other people SAYING THINGS. Namely Nvidia, who, by and large, manage to say very little in their interviews. More inside kids, get inside and slap your eyelids on this ‘un eh! EH!

VIDEO | Bioshock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds Test Run

VIDEO | Bioshock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds Test Run

It’s VIDEO time folks. Dive right in to watch Rob be exceedingly bad at video games. Like Mr. Kipling. Only opposite. And there’re less cakes. So it’s bad news all round really. Inside, Rob has a fleeting bash at Bioshock Infinite’s arena mode DLC Clash in the Clouds! COR.

The Volume of the Voice: Getting to Grips with Mike Bithell’s Volume

The Volume of the Voice: Getting to Grips with Mike Bithell’s Volume

Mike Bithell’s new ‘un Volume gets a good hard grilling this week, sort of, and during the process Rob stumbles across the real importance of good voice acting, no matter the type of game! Hurl yourself in bodily and HAVE A READ why not.

Xbox 720 Specs Killed My Father (And Kidnapped My Interest)

The next generation is so close we can taste it! It tastes like a pavement, whatever you do, don’t try to taste it. Regardless, we’re inexcusably excited for it, and that means we get to ramble on incoherently in its name! Find out inside then why we’re NOT BOTHERED about the recent spillage of 720’s specs!

The Stuff of Legends: Rayman Legends Review

TWO reviews in the space of a month? We’re mad right? Mad! Brian Mad from Madcastle! Jump on in to find out what on Earth we thought of Ubisoft’s latest loveable platformer Rayman Legends; does it compare to Origins? Is there ANYTHING different? Does it still feel like you’re playing a cartoon? Have their been too many question marks in this excerpt? All this and much less, inside!

The Video Game Awards 2011

Respawn in…5 at the VGAs! And by ‘at the’ we mean, ‘make Rob stay up till 3am streaming it over the interwebs!’ And I’m even aware that makes no sense whatsoever. EXCELLENT HEY! Trawl through this intensive coverage of this rollercoaster event, featuring some Oh-mazing announcements, Charlie Sheen, Hideo Kojima and MORE. Now with HIGHLIGHT TRAILERS! Hoorah.

President of SCEA Resigns: An Ode to Jack Tretton

Jack Tretton has thrown the towel in. We suppose he had the mic wrapped up in there too, as we all know how he likes to lob those things about. As is the case though, Rob gives a little ode to ups and downs of Jack’s recent years tugging on the reins of Sony, and how in one fell swoop, everything changed for everybody’s favourite nervous uncle.

Spilt Milk, Hot Coffee: Why Rockstar’s Legal Anguish Should Have Been Quelled

As Rockstar VP Dan Houser sits down with revered former-broadsheeter The Guardian, we take a look back at the Hot Coffee incident that got a load of flailing brainless smogs all riled up. Can we expect more wild controversy for GTA V? We momentarily speculate INSIDE!

GTA V: 5 Obscure Reasons | Gone Playing

To hell with reviews we say! Well, we don’t, but if we were going to, then this is how we’d say it! Find out about our brand new section Gone Playing, and whilst you’re there have a butchers at five questionable reasons we couldn’t get off GTA V! And people say we’re not real journalists. Cuh!

Why the AAA Game is Already Dead and We’d Never Know It

Good Lord it’s all gotten a bit speculative in here hasn’t it? What with the mourning of THQ hot on our lips, and little else happening, this week Rob decides to stand on a box and with the gusto of a madman, tell us all of the infestation of doe-eyed, brain dead zombies walking amongst us! And once you’ve left Currys, they’re even in the games industry! In the form of AAA games! And we’re not sorry!! (Sorry)

Turn 10 Aren’t Mad at Themselves, Just Disappointed

We stick our ore in where it isn’t required and find out why Forza 5 caused such an uproar and ask what it means for the future? Also Turn 10 are disappointed in themselves. Well so you should be Turn 10. So you should be. Now go to your room and think about what you’ve done. Mania: A Revelation in the Making

Sonic Mania: A Revelation in the Making

I had a lingering thought on the success of Sonic Mania and took the opportunity to ruin your day by turning it into few hundred words. Is Mania a turning point for classic game devs?

VIDEO | Nether Let’s Play

VIDEO | Nether Let’s Play

Would you believe it? Nether! This week’s Let’s Play sees Rob trying and failing to get used to the pace of a survival game, as he trudges from corner to corner boisterously fog-horning about not knowing what’s going on and where is he and what time is it. Dive in and watch it then! PLAYING | Oquonie


I’ve been playing Oquonie, among other things, and its unique, abstract world is something to get lost in. That’s both your character, and your sense of things that aren’t written by David Firth. PLAYING | Rocket League

NOW PLAYING | Rocket League

Rob’s been playing Rocket League, in some sort of desperate attempt to get away from The Witcher for 40 seconds. Can he possibly enjoy a FOOTBALL CAR game?

Playstation 4 | Eurogamer Expo Round Up

We’re batting the next piece of Eurogamer Expo 2013 coverage off the shelves in this our Playstation 4 EGX round up! All the games they let us play, our thoughts on the new system and the controller and as much more as we could fit in before we were violently escorted from the premises! Hoorah. at Insomnia54

Respawn at Insomnia54

Don’t know what Insomnia is? Well, neither did we; other than that debilitating inability to sleep. Turns out it’s also a pretty great gaming show in Coventry. Here’s what happened at our first Insomnia experience!

The Next Xbox Won’t be Always-Online But it Might Eat Your Children

Yet another splurge from the rumour mill surfaces, this time discounting the idea that the Next Xbox will be always online only. Well duh. Says Rob, managing to make eight characters last a good page. Get inside and have yourself a right old shufty why not.

Titanfall | Eurogamer Expo Hands-On

We’re off! And in the first of an unstoppable SLEW of Eurogamer Expo based posts, we take on Respawn Entertainment’s ineffable Titanfall. It’s won our coveted Game of the Show Award, so find out why we couldn’t stop dribbling about it by reading our literary-based dribble INSIDE!

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