The Stuff of Legends: Rayman Legends Review

TWO reviews in the space of a month? We’re mad right? Mad! Brian Mad from Madcastle! Jump on in to find out what on Earth we thought of Ubisoft’s latest loveable platformer Rayman Legends; does it compare to Origins? Is there ANYTHING different? Does it still feel like you’re playing a cartoon? Have their been too many question marks in this excerpt? All this and much less, inside!

Rob Game of the Year

The Year According to: ROB

Rob’s up next for his Of the Year BIT; is there ANYTHING that’s managed to conjour even a convoluted smile this year? Is there anything that’s caused a tall-standing-lamp-throwing rage? Is there anything that’s invoked a vague sense of reserved achievement in amongst 2012’s trundling nuances? Not sure? Neither is he, as this article proves! Get inside and have yourself a shufty boys and girls!


Titanfall | Eurogamer Expo Hands-On

We’re off! And in the first of an unstoppable SLEW of Eurogamer Expo based posts, we take on Respawn Entertainment’s ineffable Titanfall. It’s won our coveted Game of the Show Award, so find out why we couldn’t stop dribbling about it by reading our literary-based dribble INSIDE!

Motion Comotion, Kinect Playtest

Rob takes a brief look back at ‘how it’s come to this’ with motion gaming, and goes and dives face first into our first of two upcoming Kinect playtests. This one straight from last week’s EuroGamer. Have we been bestowed with the GREETEST bit of gaming solution kit on Earth? WHO KNOWS. We do. Sort of.


Batman: Arkham City Review

Once Guesty finally finished frothing at the mouth, we sat him in the office and beat some words out of him. The first were all pretty much indistinguishable gargles, then after a month or so he started actual words, but preceded every one with Holy- something or other. Eventually he strung a coherent sentence together and BANG. Here we are. Check out what we think of Rocksteady’s follow up to the stunning Arkham Asylum, have they kept a tight hold of that prestigious gaming crown, or has the Penguin gone an’ ‘ad it!? FIND OUT HERE AND SUCH.


Turn 10 Aren’t Mad at Themselves, Just Disappointed

We stick our ore in where it isn’t required and find out why Forza 5 caused such an uproar and ask what it means for the future? Also Turn 10 are disappointed in themselves. Well so you should be Turn 10. So you should be. Now go to your room and think about what you’ve done.

EA eating nice things

EA are Eating Industry Creativity Whole: The Breadth of Greed

We’re really sorry. No, honestly. Respawn is usually such a happy place. Anyhow we let Rob off the chain commenting on Reddit’s recent reaction to EA and Maxis’ Sim City based AMA, where the topic of discussion moved quickly to DRM and even quicker to sharpened, dangerous objects. Once again, sorry.


Microsoft E3 2013 Keynote Review

Here we go then, Microsoft were first out of the gate, and right here’s what happened and what we thought! Dive on in to find out how much the console will be, when it’s out and what delicious games are shuffling out for it too! Blimey.

PSP2: IT’S HERE! Sort of.

Sony have finally admitted to it! The next Playstation Portable is here, and its got some fancy new FEATURES. All the facts, pictures, specs, plus some mindless speculation thrown in for fun, right this way!

Gran Turismo 5 Review

Rob gets his teeth stuck into Gran Turismo 5, a million billion years in development, successor to the most popular racing series since Jeremy Clarkson: The Game, an undoubted spectacular performance! Is it everything we hoped for and more? Is it better than that new car smell? READ THIS AND KNOW EVERYTHING. Sort of.

Sony Set To Announce PSP2 Within Days

It’s been just hours since the 3DS event, but already we’ve learnt of Sony’s potential rebuttal, the all but confirmed PSP2 is supposedly ready to be laid bare in the next few days according to MCV. INTERESTING EH? Read on for more!


VR Trinkets: The Roto VR and the Accessories of Tomorrow

ACCESSORIES, we all love those don’t we? Well no. Not if you ever bought a dodgy second Playstation controller. Or one of those ridiculous Wii tennis racket things. I had a go on the Roto VR and speculate about the part accessories will play in VR gear in this latest Monday blether!


Nekro Early Access Preview | PC

PREVIEWS. We do those too, seemingly, and here we see Rob preening about in a coloured cloak and raising some demons to do the things he can’t be bothered to do in Nekro! Find out what he thought in this, our Early Access Preview!

A Short Letter to Phil Fish

A Short Letter to Phil Fish

We’re pretty good at childish spats here at Respawn. It’s an art we’ve perfected to a truly scientific extent, so much so that people don’t invite us to parties for fear of how much better we’ll be at having a childish spat than them. Still, tragic social ramifications of being cognitively challenged aside, here’s something we think Phil Fish should read, regarding the playground etiquette that stained everyone’s shirts last week.


Stunning 11 Minute Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Gameplay Demo!

They’ve only gone and released a full ELEVEN minute demo video for MGS: Ground Zeroes, featuring actual gameplay, you know! Watch the whole thing inside and try not to dribble yourself to death. Guesty did, but we’re not sure that was actually anything to do with the video. ENJOY!

Nvidia Shield CES

Nvidia: Shield They Really?

We’ve been ambling around the point for almost a WEEK now, but that was chiefly because Guesty’s in the middle of finishing off a special treat for you all. And we promise it won’t be like last time! Anyway, Rob gets DOWN TO BUSINESS on Nvidia’s latest surprise announcement in our first post of 2013!! Pictures inside! Sorry we’re late!! Not really!

Call of Duty: The Whole Rotten Saga

The whole story behind the ever-lasting, back-stabbing, raging caging tussle between Call of Duty’s Activision and Infinity Ward, a run down of EVERYTHING WE KNOW, the politics, the snide remarks, Rob takes you BANG UP TO DATE with the latest goings on. Find out why we’re all so sceptical of the world’s biggest shooter! YUM.


Max Payne 3: First Look

Rob gets all hazy-eyed at you, reminiscing about the good ol’ days and taking a look back at what made Max Payne so ruddy splendid, as well as a brief investigation into what lies ahead for the next installment. Not excited about Max Payne 3? You might well be after this. Give it a click to see Rockstar’s Tech demo of next year’s saucy-looking threequel, and get in the forum to let us know what you RECKON. You might even find Rob in there, perpetually quoting the first game! WHY NOT EH.

GAMEfest Kicks Off September, Ruffles Feathers

High Street retailer jumps on the Expo bandwagon this September, directly affecting legspace and ride comfort, and causes one or two complaints to the management. Rob takes a look at how GAME may have gotten in with the chickens on this one.


The Stanley Parable | Gone Playing

ANOTHER Gone Playing? Yes, two of the same thing in a row, but we’ve not had anything to say all month, presumably because Rob’s been running our Stanley into the ground. Sort of. Watch as he coagulates with shameless joy in this post, and remember the days when he used to DISLIKE things with misty eyes! Why not.

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