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Yes we’re back with yet ANOTHER video. And it’s only been several millennia this time as well. But I’m not sorry, a remark I make in the very video below! Along with a disclaimer that ensures I can’t get into trouble for saying things that are the polar opposite of the opinion I purported to have in my Nekro preview last week. There’s nothing specific that springs to mind, it’s just, y’know, there might be something in there I’ve missed.

I had a quick go with some of the options as you’ll be able to tell, but a lot of the game I was experiencing FIRST HAND, which sounds disgusting doesn’t it. There’s no camera focusing on me doing anything first hand though, you’ll be pleased to hear; instead, there’s a load of me bibbling on inanely while I try and fail to play this delightful action/strategy. I enjoyed Nekro thoroughly, most notably for its simplicity, though just how long that will endure for, well, I’m not going to be taking any wild guesses. Still, as mentioned in the full post, the game is in Early Access so if you like the look of it, head on over to its Steam page and slap your monies down for some hot Nekro action! Urrrr. More soon kids. Probably.



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