VIDEO | Daylight Let’s Play

VIDEO | Daylight Let’s Play

The SECOND video is here! So nur. I bet you never believed we’d get here did you? I heard you out there; neysaying. Well who’s laughing now? Probably you still, or at least you will be once you watch our new Let’s Play, and see me whimper along to Zombie Studio’s questionable Scare ‘Em Up Daylight. Yes, as a man with the constitution of some jelly that someone has spent several hours tenaciously failing to nail to a tree, I decided to go traipsing around an abandoned mental asylum full of ghosts for no reason whatsoever. Or no reason I could work out during my time playing, anyway. Jump right in and have yourself a shufty you curious little blighter you.

I’m almost sorry for my inane bibbling that managed to get much less coherent than usual (which is a feat in itself really, isn’t it) but I feel I should be more sorry for having my GPU fail on me. I was a good 35 minutes in, and frankly didn’t want to go back to it anyway. I’m not great with games that, y’know, do that. As you are now well aware. I once tried to play Penumbra: Overture, which, for the uninitiated, is sort of the precursor to the Amnesia games. I’ve never tried the Amnesia games, despite owning them, because I became too preoccupied with being rooted to the spot in Penumbra after hearing some unsolicited screaming coming from somewhere above my head in an allegedly abandoned mine.

Abandoned. Cuh. These people have a funny notion of abandoned if you ask me.

Anyway, it’s not that I don’t like scary games. It’s just that I’m no good at them. And while I’m no good at all games, and indeed most other things I attempt to accomplish, I am notably no good at scary games. Again, all of this is now apparent to you if you’ve just watched the 35 minutes of complete donkey twaddle available above. Which I thank you for.

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