VIDEO | Bioshock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds Test Run

VIDEO | Bioshock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds Test Run

Here it is then folks; this right here is the toe we’re gingerly dipping into the guttural, congealing mound  that is YouTube. I mean, other than all those videos we’ve already done. But we don’t talk about those now, okay? This’ll be the new format, meaning I’m going to blabber on inanely while being terrible at video games, and you’re going to like it. If that’s alright with you? Are we all clear on our roles? Good.

This is a test, really. It was to make sure everything worked, but I thought I’d go ahead and post it anyway because why the hell not hey. It makes a scrapingly adequate introduction to what will hopefully become a (Respawn’s first ever) regular feature. Though it’s not like we haven’t promised that about thirty times before. Anyway, get STUCK IN and have yourself a shufty at this ‘un; which is Rob briefly playing the Bioshock Infinite DLC Clash in the Clouds, whilst failing to make any sort of coherent point. Coherent points will come later. Honestly.

I love the combat in Bioshock Infinite. As you’ll have figured if you watched the video, the Skylines are such a deft and accomplished addition to the series, it manages to alter the way you, or I at least, approach any battle, providing an almost immediate escape and sanctuary when things get a little hairy on the ground. And things always get hairy on the ground. Of course, knocking someone’s teeth out via a delicious Skyhook sandwich after plummeting 50ft from the lines above and landing on their face, doesn’t seem to get old very quickly either.

On top of my disingenuous love for the combination of gravity and hitting things, I’ve long, long been a sucker for these infinitely-replayable ‘Horde’ mode setups. Back when I was a wee bairn, scribbling game ideas down on sheets of paper to the impressive nods of absolutely no one, everything conjured up in my slightly sadistic imagination had some ‘Arena’ style mode, often unlockable only once you’d finished the main game, that would ensure you could come back and play FOREVER. And that’s exactly what Clash in the Clouds does; it takes Infinite’s arguably addictive fighting, and gives you a platform upon which you may Skyline Strike people to the end of your days. Should you wish to do that. For whatever reason. Anybody else tried Clash in the Clouds? Did you find Infinite’s Vigours to kind of pale in comparison to many of the first game’s Plasmids? Stick a comment below and let us know why not.

Thanks for watching, and then reading. I’m going to go ahead and presume that’s exactly what you did, if for no reason other than morbid fascination. Stay tuned for more soon YOU LOT.

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