Respawn is Under Construction!
Hi both. We had a break in. They took lots. Like, seriously. Even the stuff you can't imagine anybody wanting to steal. Bin liners. The recycling we left out on the side. A half eaten box of Kellogg's Fruit and Fibre. All gone. It looked like Nigel Farage had been in and mistaken everything we owned for people of various ethnic origins. Anyway. Clever people spent a long time trying to get it all back. They couldn't. That said, it was sort of time for a re-design anyway, don't you think? Soon there'll be something new here, and one day there'll be much more content than that rubbishy old Respawn that nobody liked used to do too. For now, why not give us a Like on our practically dormant Facebook account? Or if you're desperate to read more of Rob's general inanities, there's a link to a personal blog below too. Either way you have my deepest sympathies. Go on then!!