Stunning 11 Minute Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Gameplay Demo!

If all that Metal Gear news earlier in the week got you all hot and bothered, then this is going to melt off your own face, and thereafter you’ll be coerced into eating it out of unhinged excitement. Perhaps.




The beautiful cutscene to gameplay transition is a sight to behold, whilst the cheeky ‘age hasn’t slowed you down’ reference comes courtesy of the rest of the series. Reportedly, the Playstation Blog outed the game as  CURRENT GEN release, but here at Respawn, we say the people at Playstation Blog are pork-faced todger-tellers. Perhaps. Seeing both Microsoft and Sony outright deny the existence of next gen consoles, when not only is it an inevitability on this 7-year console cycle, but also developers and publishers are coming out and announcing they’ve got the dev kits, and it’ll be out late next year, means they wouldn’t bat an eyelid in telling us all Ground Zeroes is for this gen. In fact, our money’s on them saying it’ll be a NES game if it gets them out of the truth.

What’s more, Kojima, at a PAX convention, explained that Ground Zeroes was a prologue to Metal Gear Solid 5. And with the Paz and Chico references, surely it’s safe to say MGS:GZ is occuring shortly after Peacewalker? But who is the burnt and disfigured antagonist? And will we get to see Big Boss break away and begin to construct Outer Heaven? Will we see Zanzibar? An arid desert of questions is getting in our sandals as a result of all these reveals.

What do you think then? LIKE the video? Excited? IS that even really Big Boss in the video!? Let us know!


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