Super Sunday Sweep! – Win NASCAR 2011!

H’okay then boys and ladies, if you’re an avid Respawn Twitter or Facebook follower, then you’ll already know that Sunday is now COMPETITION DAY. Because why not hey. And until we can think of a better name, it’s called the Super Sunday Sweep! Which is terrible. We’re kicking off competition season with a flipping corker, if we do say so ourselves…


This week, thanks to the SUPERB FOLK at EUtechnyx, we’re giving you the chance to win one of four codes for the PSN version of NASCAR ’11, the newly released UK edition of everybody’s favourite irrefutably circular racer! Which is good, isn’t it.

What do you need to do to win? Well hold on to your stallions there you eager retrievers you. We’ll get to that in just a second, but first, here are some of those delicious deets you kids love to talk about.


Whilst on the surface NASCAR may seem less fun than crying into one of those penny spinning globes they have in McDonalds, we can assure you that that sentiment is INCORRECT. What’s more, this downloadable title comes rammed so full of delicious, meaty content, you’ll wonder how they even had room for the lettuce. Probably.

Two entire seasons, 43 in-race cars all trying to sandwich themselves into  the same mile long bend, bump drafting, cringe-inducing damage modelling, as well as physics and handling that’ll make you look at Playground Games with an eyebrow raised,  all make for the unhinged arms-in-the-air excitement on offer here. And if you’ve got friends AS WELL, then glorious split screen multi slides provocatively in alongside the 16 player online option.




SIMPLE! You’ve seen this fancy new Facebook commenting system we’ve got? Yeah? Well log in, post something, ANYTHING, and we’ll probably send you a code. If you start up a conversation, make us laugh or reel off something that makes us coo at your palpably unending knowledge, then you’re in with a BETTER CHANCE of winning. Because we’re drawn to the good stuff, you know.

We’ll run the competition until we’ve seen enough awe-inspiring quips and have given all the codes away! So get on commenting, and make sure you have a European PSN account ready to slap your shiny new code on to. Goodbye, and good luck!

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Rob is a writer, wearing many hats that do not belong to him. When not scribbling ardently for his games blog Respawn in... 5, he pretends to be a musician, a videographer, a game developer and an alright guy.

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