Podcast: Episode 15 – E3 2012 Sam Farrer Special

GUESS WHO’S BACK. Yep, it’s our off-putting voices, joined, as mentioned in the pre-blurby bit, by a man incomparable to most humans it’s Sam Farrer! Close friend, 3D artist and fighting game enthusiast, Farrer joins us for our look at E3, where you’ll find most of the more prominent points you may have already read about in our Keynote reviews! Hurrah. Don’t worry though, there’s plenty more in there, particularly because nobody manages to get to the point for at least the first half hour. Sit back and click play, and let the three of us bore you into a wondrous coma of amazement. Or something.

Author Description

Rob Vicars

Rob is a writer, wearing many hats that do not belong to him. When not scribbling ardently for his games blog Respawn in... 5, he pretends to be a musician, a videographer, a game developer and an alright guy.

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