Hitman Absolution: Sniper Challenge Preview Video

So with yesterday’s unboxing of the Max Payne special edition, it’s only fitting that today we show you the Hitman Absolution preorder bonus. They correlate. Don’t they? I don’t know. Anyhow, as I fleetingly mentioned in the video, it’s been a thousand years to the day since I played a Hitman game properly, and I mostly spent my days in Hitman II stealing people’s clothes and comically dragging around half-naked carcasses.


Regardless, I enjoyed my short-lived time with this little snippet of the upcoming contract killer’s latest outing, and I enjoyed it twice as much when I found out what the zoom button was. As far as I’ve played it’s just the one level, and there’s little more than Silent Scope to it, unless you find shooting pigeons fun, which I do.

How much promise does this show for the full game? Well, none at all really, but only because this is naturally, not the direction the actual game will be taking. According to those trailers scattered throughout the Sniper Challenge, it looks like old Agent 47 is back to his old ways of killing and maiming and dressing up as a police officer for money… It’s disgusting.

Lastly, we’re all for releasing mini-challenges as pre-release hype distributors or preorder bonuses. Good idea Square Enix. Keep it up.

Just to clarify the arm-flailing speculation toward the end of the video, Hitman Absolution IS available to preorder from GAME and they ARE running this Sniper Challenge as the bonus. For more on that, click the link below, or head into a store. We’ve also bunged a cheeky jump to ShopTo, who are ALSO dishing out the Sniper Challenge! Hooray.

GAME Pre order Hitman Absolution!
ShopTo Pre order Hitman Absolution!

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