Take Two a Salacious Buy-Out Opportunity – #GamingNightmares

What’s the worst thing you can imagine happening? Like seriously. For reals. Close relative dying? Global catastrophe? Someone announcing another Royal Wedding? Well Respawn in 5 have heard rumblings that echo a disaster worse than all of them put together, in a giant disaster stew that tastes of dead cats being spoon fed to you whilst a ferocious tapirs gnaws off your feet.

THAT bad. I hate tapirs. Probably.

In an MCV report, an analyst suggests publisher Take 2 could be lined up to be BOUGHT OUT. Worse still, ACTIVISION may be making a move for them. That’s like the Nazi Party buying out Beanie Babies Ltd. Sort of.

Take 2 are undoubtedly one of the few publishing giants that seem to have retained some sense of grounding amongst all the success. Dissimilar to certain other aforementioned publishers, who garner a small fortune’s worth of gaming talent, drive them all into the ground with the force and determination of an angry whack-a-mole champion, and proceed to claim they’re morally entitled to France.

With a roster as rich as Rockstar’s GTA and Red Dead, 2K’s Bioshock and sports licenses and FirAxis’ Civilization, Take Two have built up a handful of licenses that are not only successful, but also revered as top class gaming jaunts.

With recent storming gaming masterpiece L.A. Noire vaulted into that fray as well, the publisher is now a salacious, tantalizing tray of succulent walking financial gain, ready to be devoured by either one of the towering money-guzzling rival publisher’s dribbling at the prospect of having GTA on their lists.

We here at Respawn sincerely hope Take Two stay rooted to the spot, and heartily tell Activision, or even EA to go suck the big one. Figuratively of course. Thoroughly capable of standing on their own two feet, a buy out doesn’t seem like the kind of move that’d be supremely beneficial for the publisher’s impressive roster.

Interestingly, the investigation may also have revealed further plans for GTA V, in an interview with Industry Gamer, analyst Arvind Bhatia said, in regards to Take 2’s financial year-on-year standing;
“Whether GTA V is released in late FY12 or a few months later, in early FY13, should not materially change the company’s intrinsic value”

Granted, this isn’t exactly an Earth-shattering shock reveal, with the next GTA being as inevitable as Call of Duty’s continued digression in to credential oblivion; it certainly helps us wildly speculate on plans to unveil Rockstar’s next big hitter at E3 though. Will we hear ANYTHING? We hope so. But maybe not.

What do you think then? If there were an EA or Activision acquisition, it would give Take Two’s games unbridled access to HEAPS of marketing money, but is that what they need? Is it worth the risk of having Acti take GTA and beat us all over the head with lacklustre sequels until it gets pulled from the shelves? Is it?? IS IT?? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT??

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