Gran Turismo 5! Definitely Coming Out! Oh wait…

It’s a cut throat business is making a game these days. And even once you’ve finally coded your Fastest Selling epic (sequel) together, there are still a trillion and seven things to think about. With gridlocked release schedules and developers briskly elbowing past each other without so much as an excuse me, in frantic attempts to get their game out twenty six seconds before the competitor, you’d be forgiven for thinking it all looks a bit ruthless.

Seemingly, the offices of Polyphonic Digital echo no such commotion, as for all their untold mastery of the racing sim art, it appears they’ve completely forgot how to actually release a game. Perhaps they’re all sat around in the offices desperately trying to encourage their Gran Turismo 5 disc to get up and walk down to the distribution centre. Or are slowly shuffling it towards the door.

As many of you likely know, the Gran Turismo series is Sony’s ace in the hole when it comes to racing games. Every one of its previous incarnations has hit a sweet spot with racing fans, originally providing the first real and complete-feeling racing simulator on the Playstation One. Three more fully numbered versions and a couple of questionable spin offs (anyone remember GT Concept?) and that would bring us right up to the current generation of consoles. Big drum roll for the PS3 version of the ultimate racing sim then.. but all we’ve found for the past four years has been tumbleweed. I mean, lots of it. You wouldn’t scoff if you were a tumbleweed connoisseur. But if you’re expecting an up to date, latest gen racing game from the masters of the genre, it’s a little disappointing.

Announced at E3 in 2006, which was roughly a hundred billion years ago, the game has had more release dates than Chris Moyles has had stone cold unfunny jokes. Literally thousands. Whilst Kazunori Yamauchi has repeatedly said the release of the game is now merely the agreement from all members of the RELEASE COUNCIL. Which sounds to me like Sony and Polyphonic Digital and whoever else, have been sat in an office for the last four years bickering about when will be best to let people actually buy their fabled game. This sounds slightly on the unproductive side for a multimillion dollar electronics company and a flagship games developer. Still, we can put speculate.

After receiving what was allegedly a STONE SET release date earlier this year, the game has strode toward its November 5th launch date, with last minute features and a Super Expensive edition announced along the way. It seems though, the sceptics who claimed they would not believe it until they had broken the cellophane on their own copy, are going to make everyone else eat their words. ONCE AGAIN. GT5 has been delayed to a currently unannounced date, fumbling awkwardly back to ‘Holiday Season’. This technically, might not even mean this year.

I’m now certain the mellow haze at Polyphonic Digital was rudely interrupted by someone simply knocking on the office door yesterday, popping their head in to say, Hey guys, ready for the big release day? Only a few weeks now! To which every developer woke up, leapt off his chair and began hysterically throwing paperwork about, yelling uncontrollably at the realisation.



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