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Whilst many of you may be thinking that my somewhat ardent spiel on why 3D is as useful to the industry as the dietary intake of fibre is to a desk lamp was enough to satiate a man clearly overcome with unnecessary rage, you are infact. Wrong. Congratulations. We look forward to working with you to co-operatively achieve the goal of you not making these mistakes in the future.

Now, towards the end of that aforementioned carbolic ramble I mentioned that the introduction of 3D feels like a step backwards, or at least, not a forward-motive step in the direction we could be heading. The direction of supreme super-excellentness. What I didn’t do, was come up with some wacky ideas for alternatives. Thankfully, the mad scientists at Brother Industries stopped fiddling about with microwave ovens long enough to come up with one for me. I present to you, the AiRScouter. A pair of glasses that don’t turn blurs into vague 3D images, instead they project an image ON TO YOUR EYEBALL. Giving you the impression of a 16-inch monitor floating in front of your eyes, this revolutionary technology can also be used in ‘augmented reality’. That is, putting a virtual augmentation, or addition on to a real-world image, i.e. that clever app on iPhones that allows you to point the camera at a street, and it will augment directions and locations for coffee shops and pubs, and strip bars and abortion clinics, or where ever it is you young ‘uns go these days. Essentially this could mean giving you a real life HUD. Which would be sweet because you could pretend you were The Terminator. Pretty soon you’ll be walking down the street in a pair of these, wandering the Capital Wasteland, shooting Super Mutants in your left eye, whilst your right eye guides you down the street, pointing out interesting articles of litter as you go, and directing you to the nearest experimental surgery that will give you a second set of eyes.

Anyway, I digress. Whilst there’s a number of options for implementing this tech into video games, I’m not saying THIS IS the alternative to 3D. Because it’s not. It’s different. But it’s similar and new and a step forward. It’s exciting and positive, and the technology used to get the screen projected in such a way, or the technology used in the glasses’ potential augmented reality features can be worked on and adapted and pertain to much more beneficial prospects for video games than that of the future of 3D. Brother apparently intend to introduce this product to the industrial market sector anyway, so perhaps this will never slipstream its way into our industry. The point is, the technology is out there to make a step beyond what we’re doing now. With motion-gaming and 3D the next big jaunts in video gaming, doesn’t it feel to you like there could be so much more?

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